“GURU PRAŃÁMA – part 2″

GURU PRAŃÁMA –  part 2


11 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

Today the remaining portion of yesterday’s discourse will be completed.

Ekaḿ nityaḿ vimalam acalaḿ sarvadhiisákśiibhútam;

Bhávátiitaḿ triguńarahitaḿ Sadguruḿ Tvaḿ namámi.

Ekaḿ nityam.” Regarding any supra-psychic entity, any Cosmological entity, either attributional or non-attributional, we cannot say whether it is one or more than one, because that entity is beyond the scope of any sort of demonstration.

You cannot say this or that regarding any Cosmological entity.

So it is futile to say “one”, or “two”, or “three”,“four”.


So, not only, Saguńa Brahma, or Táraka Brahma, but Nirguńa also, is Nityam.

In common language we may use the word “non-metamorphic” for “nityam”; that is, “nityam” means “that which undergoes no change”.

Anything undergoing no change is “nityam” – it was, it is, and it will be.

And “anityam” means undergoing change according to changes in time, space and person. That Supreme Entity who teaches the world, the secrets of spirituality is ‘One and Nityam’, Ekam Nityam.

Vimalam acalam”. “Acalam” means “strong”, “erect”, “mountain-like”. “Vimalam” means “spotless”.

The lofty, spotless, mountain-like, personality is vimalam acalam.

The comparison is with “acalam”, because as the mountain, in the world of relativity, appears not to move and similarly the cardinal spiritual principles do not change.

So, the entity representing those cardinal spiritual principles is also treated as if it is a mountain, not moving, not shaking, not deviating. That’s it is Vimalamacalam.


Wherever there is mind, whether developed or under developed, the reflection of Pratyagátmá is certainly there and that reflection is the jiivátmá.


That is why human beings are called “Manúsya” or “Mánava”.


Sarvadhiisákśiibhútam”. He is the Witnessing Entity of all minds, whether developed, or underdeveloped.

And whatever any mind does, crude or subtle, developed, or undeveloped, or underdeveloped, He knows because He is the Witnessing Entity.

Whether it be something crude, or inanimate, or something undeveloped like trees, bushes, herbs, or plants or whether it be something underdeveloped like a cow, a monkey or a dog or something developed like a human beings, whatever these mind do is known to Him.

Nobody can do anything secretly; and nothing done by anybody remains coverted or secret.



What is Bhava?

Shuddhasattvavisheśád vá premasúryáḿshusámyabhak,

Rucibhishcittamásrńya krdasao bháva uccyate.


Bhávátiitam”. Beyond the arena of bháva is His position.

That’s why, He Himself is along the periphery of Bháva. That is why here it has been said, “Bhávátiitam”.

Bháva can come up to Him, knock at the door, but it cannot enter the palace, Bhava can at most, knock at the door, but cannot enter the palace.

Bhávátiitaḿ triguńarahitam.” You know that in the triangle of forces, where the equipoise is maintained before creation, there is no manifestation. There the Noumenal Cause remains as it is.


O Lord, Thou are the controller of everything, but there is nobody to control You. Your guńas(attributes) cannot be counted.”

I told you one day that once many disciples of the Lord assembled at a particular place and requested the Kavi Padmadanta to write a poem on the guńas(atttributes) of the Lord.

What is the Lord Like, “Please compose a poem,” they asked him.

Thereupon Kavi Padmadanta said:

Asitagirisamaḿ syát kajjalaḿ sindhupátre

Surataruvarashákha lekhanii patramurbii,

Likhati yadi grhiitvá sáradá sarvakálaḿ

Tathápi tava guńáńámiishapáraḿ na yáti.

In Saḿskrta, “kavi” means “satyadraśt́a”, “seer of truth not “poet”.

To write down all His guńas(Attributes) properly, what are the minimum requirements?

You know the ink tablet you get in the market?

If that ink tablet were the mighty Himalayas, then so many oceans would be the ink-pot, and if the branch of the heavenly Párijata tree is used as a pen, and if this vast lithosphere, that is, the earth, is used as paper, and with these ink, ink-pot, pen and paper,

[from here the italized part is from direct tape recorder typed BY me ... so go through and enjoy ….]…

…..The Goddess of Learning Sarasvatii, herself writes and writes for Infinite period, even then the Guńas of the Lord cannot be written.”

Guńahiina Mahesha Gańábharańam.”

Now you see, each and every Devii’s and Devatá’s have got so many ornaments, here ear-ring, here necklace, here cuŕis(bangles) and so many bracelets, so many ornaments, so many Deva’s and Devii’s, here Crown, but our Lord Parama Puruśa, has got only one ornament, HIS disciples are HIS Ornament.

Gańábharańam, triguńarahitaḿ

Bhávátiitaḿ triguńarahitaḿ Sadguruḿ Tvaḿ namámi.”

What is “Sadguru”?

Guru”,, means you know “Dispeller of darkness”.

Gu” means “darkness” and “ru” means “dispeller”.

The man who taught you “alif, be, pe, te”, “a, á, ka, kha” was a Guru.

And the man who taught you how to fight was also a Guru.

And the man who taught you how to cook was also a Guru.

So many Gurus.

And What is a Sadguru?

And the man who gave Diikśá in Vaedikii, Vaedikii Diikśa gave to,Vaedikii Diikśa, initiates you in Vaedikii Diikśa.

Vaedikii Diikśa means, in Ancient India there were two types of Diikśá.

First a boy is used to get Vaedikii Diikśá.

Vaedikii Diikśá is to request the  God, to request the Lord, to show  the Path. It is“Vaedikii Diikśa”.

And after a long time, when the Lord is satisfied, HE arranges for  Tántrikii Diikśá.

Ánanda Marga Diikśá is Tántrikii Diikśá – Tántrikii Diikśá.

Now, those who gave Diikśá, that is Initiated, Initiates in Vaedikácára – they are also Guru.

Then What is “SADGURU”?


SAT’” means, “SAT’”, the word “SAT’” means “that undergoes no changes”.

In modern Saḿskrta, “SAT’” means “good” and “ASAT’” means “bad”, but in Vaedika Saḿskrta, “SAT’” means “that undergoes no changes”.

Násadásiinno sadásiittadániiḿ násiidrajo no vyomá paro yat;

Kimávariivah kuha kasya sharmannambhah kimásiidagahanaḿ gabhiiram”.

This “SAT’”.

Now by Whose GRACE, one comes in contact with “SAT’”, that is, “Non-changeable Entity”, that is, the “Non-changeable Stance” or “Non-changeable Nuclear Entity” around which so many electrons move – that Entity, rather that framework through which the “Parama Puruśa” is working or “Táraka Brahma” is functioning. That Entity is SADGURU.

Sadguruḿ Tvaḿ Namámi” – “I do my Namah before YOU, at Your Altar.”

This is the entire interpretation of the shloka that you use “Nityánandaḿ paramasukhadaḿ to Namámi”.