31 December 1988 RU, Ananda Nagar, INDIA
[The same RU speech in electronic edition has many errors and Microvita in a Nutshell book, we have to revise otherwise, the wrong info will be continued for generations. I have heard the tape properly and corrected]

The subject of today’s discourse is “Microvita and their Influence on Micropsychic and Macropsychic Corporal Structures.”
As you know, this Universe is a mesh of waves of so many lengths, and along these wavelengths they move so many positive and negative Microvita in so many directions in the entire Universe.
Microvita are mainly of two types - the positive and the negative ones, each having their peculiar influence or influences on different animate and Inanimate structures; that is, they are together, they have got the influence on both animation and Inanimation.
I wouldn’t say anything regarding Mutative faculty or Mutative propensities because Mutative is not at all an attribution or wont or qualification, it is just a transitory phase,.. moving from sentient to static or static to sentient. The Igneous Plexus that maintains the balance of the physical structure and also the symmetry of psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual orders, is the controlling point, hence it is the hub of the body, the nave of the body.
Similarly in case of our social structure where there is a collection of two or more than two persons it is called a Society.
As is the case with micropsychic order, the same is the case with micro-pyschic corporeal order also, and the collective body as the result of the influence of collective plexi, of positive microvita or negative microvita, the entire social body, the entire social structure undergoes degradation or elevation.
I think, I hope that you will not allow any degradation to take place in the human order, in the human system, so to encourage others from the path of Righteousness and Spirituality, so that Negative Microvita won’t get any scope to function on Micropsychic Corporeal Structure or Macropsychic Corporeal Structure.
Human being is a Social being, so in our Social life, Microvita won’t be allowed to function.
The, one of the Important Expressions of negative Microvita on Human mind and Human Society is the Dogma.
If you want to encourage Positive Microvita, encourage Spirituality, you must fight out Dogma in different spheres and levels and arena and Strata of our Society.
This Never ending fight against Dogma will help you a lot in establishing a Society of Spiritualistic Order maintaining a balance amongst the three layers of human existence, the Physical, the Psychic and Spiritual.
There is shortage of time, hence it was not possible for ME to speak in more than one language, I hope that others will translate and transliterate everything and we will have it positively by tomorrow morning.