{But unfortunately, all the works in electronic edition – some USA & other country editors and now other sentimental editors included are twisting the phrase in purely vested psychology, who have taken over since 1980’s, and are not broad minded, they are not qualified to understand the depth of Baba’s views, but are controlling all publications till date. They will print in future as well put in electronic edition all books very much in the same way.

So all original tapes are with them and they are producing in electronic version as soon as possible because it is very easy to do the marketing all over the world in short time, which is the demand of the day. These all Baba’s works in AM publication name have millions of distortions and errors, false meaning, cutting most of the sentences, so many valuable knowledge they are removing because of false prejudice in their minds, erasing out exemplary Discourses which includes DMC’s and other dictations given to few which were long handed written notes and not in tapes.

I have ample of examples to prove their meanness, sluggish attitude, purely vested interest in editing Baba’s works in their own way.

So a devotee who is master in languages from east, even west but universalist in nature must be entitled so that they could re-translate all works with universal attitude not diluting or distorting, that is, from scratch to bring true justice, otherwise it is totally disastrous, like Max Mueller editing all ancient Indian Saḿskrta literature into English renderings distorting according to his whims diluting in the way of vested interest, all in form of printed books those days, but now same like Mueller in AM publication, they are rendering all works of Preceptor Baba’s works to electronic version as well in AM publication in English}

PRAGATI AND PAINCAVEDANA[purely Original Discourse]



{translated from a Original Hindi discourse by me keeping the content straight and according to proper context of what Bábá speaks. It can be still reformed by well known devotee who has high caliber spiritually as well as who knows language properly.}

The subject of today’s discourse is Pragati and Paincavedana?

What is Pragati(Progress)?


If movement is there, and that movement is towards Shubha(all round welfare), then it is said to be Progress.

If movement is there, but that movement is not associated with Shubha(all round welfare), then it leads to downfall/retardation.



pain, not fully, it will be partial. Similarly, in order to escape the reactive momenta, the intellectual waves will have to be transmuted into psycho-spiritual ones. This will protect one from the reactive momenta in the psychic sphere to some extent – neither pain nor pleasure will overwhelm the mind. This stage is described in the GIITA as “DUKHESU ANUDVIGNA MANAH, SUKHESU VIGATASPRAHAH”. To the extent the desire for pleasure is less, one would escapes from the reaction of pain also.

Therefore human progress is only spiritual progress. The wise will, therefore, concern themselves only with the spiritual sphere. In the rest of the spheres the only concern with the physical and intellectual fields would be for the purpose of adjusting the base on which the spiritual progress will thrive.

While concerning themselves with the adjustment in the physical and intellectual spheres, they would also continue the exercise of consuming the cruder waves in subtler ones according to the process described above. The absence of such consumption or transmutation in the physical and intellectual spheres is bound to lead to retardation. The wise will remember that the subtlest is the goal of their life and will thus be making efforts to reach blessedness. This is the only way to progress. There is none else. “NANYAPANTHA VIDYATE AYANAYA.”