31 December 1986 RU Speech, ANANDANAGAR, INDIA

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The Discourse is on “Microvitum, The Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor”

It is one of a human wonts that whatever we do not know, in order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections, we say, we either say, that it is non-existent, or in a more intelligent style, we say it is an abstract.



Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding these Microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems of modern society won’t be solved in a nice way.

As Pramá is an essentiality in the field of intellectuality or intellectual pursuit, similarly in higher intellectual realm, research work on these Microvita is extremely necessary.

Here we should again remember the fact that these Microvita are a creation in the internal phase, rather the returning phase of cosmic expression and we are human beings with developed intellect.

I think, rather I hope, rather I am sure that, that day is sure to come when human beings will have proper control over these Microvita.

In ancient times, regarding the singular or collective structure of these Microvita, the ancient rśis said that there are of seven types, seven species, they gave them the name: Yakśa, Gandharva, Vidyádhara, Kinnara, Siddha, Prakrtiliina and Videhaliina according to the nature of their subtlety or nature of their crudeness and I think has a, by dint of our spiritual sádhaná, rather our physico-psycho-Spiritual Sádhaná, our mind will develop in all its strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these Microvita.