NO, MATTER IS NOT BOTTLE OF ENERGY?[purely Original Discourse]



{this discourse was perfectly heard and typed as it is, but it is quite different from printed and electronic editions, why, because the AM editors have added some OTHER related discourse in between this discourse, but here I have kept it separate which is also heard and typed.}

I would like intellectuals of future will be doing this in external physical laboratories and also in internal psycho-spiritual laboratories, and you boys and you girls, you have to help them in accelerating their speed of research work.

Bábá wishes a song to be sang, then ….

Bábá says, it is a song of Neo-humanism, Dogma, no more, no more!

Then Bábá speaks in Bangla……the purport of the song..

Bábá is saying – move ahead, moving …… is itself life, this Neo-humanism teaches that human society is of one caste and not many, living with the intellectuals along their lifestyles, come out of that….

As for this time RU speech, whether translation in Angika, Hindi is going on or not. Hope you all have rejoiced this speech.

All of you do kiirtan now.


You know both microvita and energy are active in different planes of expressions, it is in different planes of physico-psycho-spiritual levels, planes of unit or collective propensities, and physical planes of inferences, but microvita are more active in physico-psycho-spiritual strata and energy is more active in physical planes of inferences.

And regarding the strength of influence of energy and microvita, this much can be said, that energy is more strong in physical plane of inferences, then physico-psycho-spiritual planes of unit and collective propensities, and microvita is more strong in physico-psycho-spiritual realm – unit microvita.

Regarding positive and negative microvita, negative microvita functions methodically in physical and physico-psychic strata and positive microvitum in psychic and psycho-spiritual strata.

So there should be maximum utilization of potentialities of expressed and emanated energy as well as expressed and emanated microvita both positive and negative, that is, use of negative microvita also in, for an all round integrated development of this moving world.

Bábá is saying let their be a song.

..Keu ta jane ….na, keu ta jane .. na…

Bábá is speaking in Hindi this below paragraph –

“You all might have thought that I would not come today also, how it can be? You all are eagerly waiting and if I am not coming, how this can be?

For me it is a duty and must, to come.

There is one more great thing, you all are My guardian, and all of your yearning call, makes me bound to come.

Now you all do kiirtan.”