SAVITR RK”[typed partly purely Original Discourse]


8 December 1964, Salem, INDIA

(this discourse was typed hearing Original English Discourse, if any errors, it is sole fault of me)

In ancient times, there were two recognized stages in the process of Initiation.

Those two recognized stages were the first one was Vaedikii Diikśá, that is, initiation as per the Vaedik school of thought, and the second one was Tántrikii Diikśá, that is, Initiation as per Tantra.

The most important Mantra in Vaedikii Diikśá was “Gáyattrii Mantra”.

The spirit of Vaedikii Diikśá was to pray to God for getting the proper path, the Path of Bliss; and

The spirit of Tántrikii Diikśá was to move along that Path.


It is the spirit of Savitr Rk.

Incorrectly called “Gáyattrii Mantra”? It

should be “Savitr Rk”?

Because in this Mantra the God has been addressed by the word Savitá.

Tat Savitur Devasya – “Savitu” ek vacanam of the word “Savitrii”.

I think now it Quite clear?
Kalyanamastu !!!