PARAMA-PATI or JAGAT-PATI or SUPREME LORD{purely Original Hindi Discourse}


20th November, 1978, Delhi, INDIA


So what does a man needs, for which thing one must try to know, “If you want to know all, know One”.

If you know one, then you can know all.

So by reading this pothi(scriptures), how much of scholar you become.

If you read today then you shall forget tomorrow.

If today any one of the student, who may have passed MA, if we ask him to appear in that final grade examination, then he can’t be able to pass.

But, he has been passed before already.

So you read only to forget,

So Apara knowledge is like these knowledge,

So why does one wants to learn, only to forget.

So you want to know all, know One”, how then it is?

Suppose there is pitch darkness, in that darkness there is full of gems and jewels, you can’t see anything there, so what do you do, in that darkness slowly here and there you start guessing that these is a table, these is a chair, these are rupees notes, that too only guessing, because it is not properly confirmed due to darkness, if at all you find a torch in your hand, then you can see what it is? That One is itself – a torch.

So if you want to know all, know One.

If you want to know all, you know only One.

So it has been said, “Vidáma devaḿ bhuvaneshamiidyam – So the all covering cosmological universe, who is the Carama(Final) and Parama-(Supreme), who is the worshiping entity, that is, Paramapuruśa, HIMSELF is to be known by your effort, and there is no need for other things to know because it is only a mere wastage, why because today you’ll know and tomorrow you’ll forget.