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[this discourse was explicitly in English, and by my Beloved Baba's Grace, i am presenting exactly each word below, after thorough verification as well as careful proof reading, by myself]

The subject of today’s discourse is “The Cognitive Desideratum and Microcosmic Progress”.

In this universe of ours, everything moves, movement is the order of the earth, not only the created beings, animated or inanimate, but even the Supreme Cognitive faculty moves.

The hub of this circum-rotarian universe is not stationary, it also moves.

In a small atom, electron moves, in our ethereal structure the moon moves, the earth also moves.

and the sun alongwith its planetary world also moves.


There are many things common to animals, plants and human beings – they are Jaeva Dharma.

And there are certain things, certain wonts that we find in human beings only, those wonts rather the collective name for those wonts is Bhágavata dharma – Vistara, Rasa, Sevá and Tadsthiti.

It is the Bhágavata Dharma, that is, human being that is, every human being wants Expansion of soul, nobody wants contraction, it is ultravires to the very spirit of human existence – the first thing is Vistara, second rasa, he wants to feel that he is a member of the universal family.

He is a drop of water in this ocean of ecstasy and third thing is Sevá, he wants to do something for the Lord and fourth is Tadsthiti, he wants to enjoy the Supreme composure on the lap of the Lord, this is Bhágavata Dharma.

So for this Bhágavata Dharma, one should have proper assessment of one’s existence.

This is the second phase; this phase in Saḿskrta is called Artha.

First varga was kama, second varga is artha, now after getting, having the proper assessment, his movement is towards spirituality, the mind slowly gets converted into spirit and that’s why in the shastras it is said, “Prakrtih sa´ nitya nivrtta´”, she is fast being always being converted into Puruśa.

This first phase, in this process of converting, your psychic existence into spirit, is the phase of Sádhana, so this phase is called Dharma. It is the third varga.

Kama, Artha, Dharma and when finally all your movements, all the propensive propulsion become one with the circum-rotarian hub, you attain Mokśa, you get Salvation, you become one with the Supreme, you become one with the point from which you originated, your goal is one and this is the human progress, its goal is the Cognitive desideratum.

Parama Puruśa, Parama sthiti is the goal of all human beings.

We have assembled here with the same motive, and with the motive of human beings and I know you my sons, you my daughters, you will certainly attain that Supreme Excellence of Supreme.

Baba is saying “Samgaccha … and blesses with Varabhaya Mudra and later devotees starts Guru Puja