20 May 1979 DMC, Timmern, GERMANY
The subject of today’s Discourse is, ‘The Noumenal Cause and The Personal God’.
When One creates many that One is called the Noumenal cause.
And when ‘many’ is created from One, that ‘many’ is called the Phenomenal effect.
We may say, ‘Falsehood is the Noumenal cause of all social crimes’.
Here social crimes are phenomenal effects, and falsehood is the Noumenal cause.
So what you are to think?
What you are to ideate upon?
That is: “Oh Father, I am your loving son. I was bit misguided, now please help me and I want to sit upon your lap, I want to remain with you, I want to be an ideal boy, an ideal girl of yours, just help me. I am very weak and you are the strongest personality”, you should say like this. Why should you say, “I am a culprit, I am a sinner, I am a bad man?”
And you may be in the social sphere, in any other sphere, in civic sphere in any other sphere of the society, you may be a bad man, you may be a bad girl, but for your Father, you are not at all bad.
He will always try to save you and always try to rectify you. He has got immense grace for you.
So you should not destroy or distort your career by saying that, ‘I am a sinner, I am bad man.’
Then naturally Father will be angry. HE will say, “Oh naughty chap, I know your are a sinner.
What’s necessity of saying like this?”
So you should remember, the Noumenal cause although it is Supreme entity in the entire universe, but it has got a very close relation, close relationship with you.
That Supreme Noumenal entity is your loving Father; and HE is not the judge of a court. HE is your loving Father, the relationship is purely domestic.
In case of collectivity Prota-Yoga and in case of individual is Ota-Yoga.
HIS link with you is always both Prota and Ota Yoga.
You are never alone. And your Only Goal is that Noumenal entity, HIS that Parama Puruśa and no number two, number three or number four Gods or Goddesses; the singular entity the God of all Gods.