22 March 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

Capital of Great Britain with its Parliament , Upper House, Upper House they are known as House of Lords and Lower House of the Parliament known as House of Commons all those houses have got their seat in the capital of Great Britain, that is, in London.

English became the official language and Welsh and Scottish languages they got no state recognition.

Nowadays, has a result of so many movements,Welsh language is taught only in primary stage, and Scottish language perhaps have not got any recognition has aid, they have to refurnish.

Although English is not their natural tongue.

Now, on the other side of the Irish Sea, She was the island of Ireland. Britain, Great Britain occupied, the, after the country became known has Great Britain, all these three countries – The national anthem of the country became: “Rule Britannia, rule over the sea, rule Britannia…”

Now this conquered island, Irish people were very much reluctant in recognizing the rule of Great Britain, they started their struggle for independence.

About forty, about fifty years ago, they were successful in their fight.

A girl of Ireland was married to Spain. That girl had got, had much paternal property, so she did not go to Spain to to the house her husband. Rather her husband came to Ireland and settled down.

Now the name of that Spanish gentleman was Mr. Valera.

Now this Valera had one son. The son’s mother was Irish and father Spanish, but he was born in Ireland and had got a deep Irish sentiment.

He took the lead of war of independence for freeing Ireland. His name was Mr. De Valera, the hero of Ireland.

As a result of continuous fight for more than 20 years, Britain recognized, Great Britain recognized the, one thing, when Ireland became a part of Great Britain, the name of the country was changed to Great Britain and Ireland and abbreviation is UK, that is, United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, with capital at London; such a big name had the abbreviation – UK, that is, United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, that is United Kingdoms of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Now when the British people, in our time when we were students, this Ireland got their independence under the leadership of Mr. De Valera. His father was Spanish, mother Irish but born in Ireland.

Britain recognized the Independent states, status of Ireland. But you know, the British policy of “divide and rule”as a result of continuous fight for 60 years, Britain recognized the independence of India, but while leaving the country, they divided the country into India and Pakistan.

Similar was the case with Ireland. When they handed over the power to Mr. De Valera, they divided the country into North Ireland and South Ireland.

And the extreme Northern portion of Ireland, Many settlers came from England and settled down there, just as the Chinese sent so many people to Tibet to settle down there so that the Chinese population may over number the population of Tibet, and finally Tibet becomes a part of China.

When Manchuria was occupied by Japan, Japan gave it the name Manchu-ko, and these Manchu-ko, in this Manchu Ko, Japan sent so many settlers so that the Manchurians may be over numbered by Japanese.

Similar was the case with Ireland England sent so many settlers to settle down in the northern corner of the Ireland.

You see, in our Angadesh, many Bhojpurii speaking settlers have come in Bhagalpur and Purnea district, and there is a chance of there becoming majority over numbering the Angikas.

Many Bhojpurii speaking have come to Jamui sub-division of Magadha, and there is a chance of being Magadhis outnumbered by Bhojpuris. In Manerampir Thana, Bihar area and Chor area, many Bhojpurii speaking people are coming from Ara and Satra, and there is a every chance that Magadhi people may be outnumbered by the Bhojpuris and they may claim the area as a part of Bhojpuri.

Many Bhojpurii speaking people have settled down inside those district and there is every chance they may overnumber the local Bengalis.

Similar was the case with Ireland. Britain, with the instigation of Britain, those people of Northern Ireland, those settlers they started a movement that, “We want to remain with Great Britain and with

United Kingdom and not with Ireland and De Valera.”

So Britain followed its policy of divide and rule they divided Ireland into two portions, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

Northern Ireland was about one fifth of the total area and Southern Ireland about four fifths of the total area.

Norther as per the Irish Act, Northern Ireland remained in United Kingdom along with Great Britain.

That is, nowadays, the United Kingdom means the United Kingdoms of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland is completely an independent country.

Ireland is a damp country, saucer-like: border up , middle portion low.

Only crop, the main crop is potato; potato is the staple food. BA’BA’ speaking in Bangla……

People eat potato, sweet potato, porridge, custard, etc.

But the country is industrially not developed, agriculturally also not much developed. This Ireland got, this truncated Ireland, this moth eaten Ireland, got independence, under the leadership of Mr. De Valera.

Now Northern Ireland, which remained part of the United Kingdom, who remained with Great Britain, is now known as Northern Irela nd or Ulster, with its capital at Belfast and Southern Ireland, that is four fifth of the land, which is known as Southern Ireland is also known as “Irish Free State” or Eire,Eire has got its capital at Dublin. English pronunciation as Dub-lin. Officially, its name is Irish Free State.

The first president was Mr. De Valera. After his death a new president has been chosen.

The Irish people do not like the British people or English people. The great littérateur G.B.Shaw/George Bernard Shaw was an Irish.

Now I have given you the history of Ireland in brief. Ulster and Eire, Northern portion, Ulster – English speaking which remains with UK and Great Britain and Southern portion is Irish Free State.

The language of Irish Free State is still Irish, but Irish is not a developed language. So English is taught and read everywhere. Official language is also English, but the government is trying to develop the Irish language. This is the short history of Ireland. I hope you rejoiced it, I hope you relished this short History. …