DMC, Date & Place Unknown

{Translation is being carried out by me, go through the following unique discourse never printed in any AM books….hope so… but these webpage may not exist for long time… time to withdraw this effort of correcting Baba’s discourse …and seclude into action…enough is enough…}

(All the bolded parts in this below discourse, Bábá speaks that sentence or word in English)

Today’s subject of discourse is “KARMÁDHYAKŚA SARVABHÚTÁDHIVÁSAH” When a man takes the path of synthesis, then slowly and slowly, this Many will be transformed into One, that is Many becomes One.

Until there is manifoldness, the mind is traveling hither and thither, but when it is brought into one foldness, then the mind, is focused into One-ness, only under such circumstances, a complete composure(Parama Shanti) can be achieved.

That oneness is, in that oneness, whatever the entitative vibrations exist, the entitative faculties exist, and whatever the incantative vibrations exist, both of them completely becomes one, they maintain a complete equipoise.

Because of these daevatatva(divine-ness), or vishvatatva(universal-ness), there is no feeling existence, only in that state, can there be complete peace, it is a stage of complete composure.


In such a condition, spiritual aspirant can realize the “Parama tattva”/ “Absolute Entity” not before that.

If a man does does bhajan(loud singing) for thousands and thousands of deities, singing only, nobody does get anything.

Mind has to be brought to a point, a single point, to One.

One must love only One, one must have only One Beloved, not many.

Then the second thing is that these human existence is also a creation of many factors(tattvas).

Whatever those entitative rhythm, if in those rhythm, may be there is no parallelism with that psychic rhythm and those incantative rhythm that exist, with those rhythm, there may be no parallelism either with that psychic rhythm or entitative rhythm.


Because of this reason, one is alive, one exists, and one performs an action.

Similarly, this cosmological order, this cosmological structure, even its controlling point, the supreme nave, from it also many various types of waves are emanated.

Because of this emanation of waves, because of these vibrations, we get these universe, we get this physical world, as well as we get this psychic world, we get this bhava(astral world), we get this bhavatiita(non-subjective world), we get so many things.

So from this cosmological hub, whatever number of waves, all those waves, the waves emanated from the cosmological hub are known as Deva. This is what is Deva.


So in ancient time, those people used to say, there exist 33 crores of Devata.

Not only 33 crores, even much more, that is, the Paramátmá’s expression is not only 33 crores, it ajasrara crore(countless crores).

But these Deva is not your object of ideation?

What you all conceive or read and write, or conceive, what are all these?

They are nothing but a particular wave.

When you fight with your physical strength, that too is Paramátmá’s particular wave?

All these different waves, these are not your object of ideation.

These devas cannot be your object of ideation.

It is not your goal of life, it is only a many fold expressions.

But these Deva which is only Ekah(One), what it is?

All collectively together has become One.

When collective expression comes together, then it is One.

When altogether it becomes One, that itself is Ekah Deva, Supreme Deva, Mahadeva.

HE is your Only object of Ideation.

Regarding HIM only it has been expressed has KARMÁDHYAKŚA SARVABHÚTÁDHIVÁSAH – Ekah Devah.

To be continued…..