DUTY FIRST, DUTY LAST, DUTY ALWAYS {purely Original Hindi Discourse}


Date and Place unknown

[typed hearing the tape, go through below and follow your respective Duty]

…In Vraja Krsna’s mind, whether HE didn’t have responsibility for Vraja, who knows? Vraja Krsna had to leave Mathura and travel.

If at all in a lonely place, if one ask the Vrajakrsna, whether you were prepared to leave Mathura or you were preparing to go to Vrindavan – No not at all, but still due to the responsibility, in the same way, the capital of Mathura had to be built, only for establishing Dharma Rajya; but due to Jarasandha’s often attack as well to protect the righteous people.

So what has to be done was to shift the capital from Mathura to Dwarka. While doing this shifting, does HIS mind was willing.

Similarly the Dwarka’s Krsna, during the kuruskestra battlefield, to support the fight between the kaoravas as well as Pandavas, for both these groups, that is to Pandavas directly and Kaoravas indirectly, HE had to encourage.

Did not in HIS mind, there was compassionate feeling.

Even HE knew that in Kaoravas side also there were very great Mahatma (great souls) like Karna, Bheemsa, did HE aspired everybody’s death?

Whether HIS soul was willing, not at all. But even then due to ominous responsibility, HE had to do it.

So you all have to keep this fact in your individual life properly.

The devotees you know, these devotees always have many rights, and these devotees even had a fight with Krsna, when HE was leaving Vrindavan and moving to Mathura.

But still HE had to do it, then HIS chariot was surrounded and was told to the charioteer if at all to move, then he has to drive over them, then what did Krsna say then, alright drive over them the chariot, when the chariot was run over, then what did happen, there was not even an iota of scratch on anybody, but anyhow from Vrindavan HE left to Mathura, then after that these Vraja people were the only recognized greatest devotees amongst all other devotees in the world.

That’s why these Vraja had made an Itihasa in itself.

While leaving what did Krsna say then, “Vrndavanam parityajya, Padamekam na gacchami” – Yes this body due to the duty it is leaving Mathura, but you must know that MY mind will always remain in Vraja.

So in the same way, you all must adhere to follow your duty, as indeed like Krsna. You must remember – Duty first, Duty last, Duty always.