Já teṋi boli te tabi tál

Guru bob se shiiśá kál

Bhańai Káhńu jina raan bi kaesá

Káleṋ bob samvohia jaesá.

No starting discourse available…….this paramarthik vidya, if Guru wants to express, that realization, that deeper realization, there is no language.

If at all Guru makes an attempt to speak or speaks about, that speaking will be already under the scope of time, place and person, comes within the scope of time, place and person. Then it is no longer absolute, it is within relativity.  Do you all understand properly.

When it transcends into physical world, it is under relativity, it is an absolute entity, expression can’t  take place.

This is to be realized within, but not to be spoken outside.

Kabi(not audible) says, if at all spoken also, Guru will certainly make effort to speak and the disciple will also make effort to hear it.

If the disciple hears, what does happen?

Sure, it comes within the scope of relativity, that is within time, place and person. Even that too also didn’t come under absolute.

Same way as it was not able to speak, it was not able to hear, because it comes under relativity.

Kabi(not audible) was an acarya, during the time, a Buddhist acarya, he says that, Guru will make effort to speak and the disciple also makes effort to hear, then how to speak and how to hear.

Kabi(not audible) says that, how a dumb will make a deaf to understand, Káleṋ bob samvohia jaesá – a dumb, how he elucidate a deaf, how with different gestures and vocal sounds.

So, if the parmartha tattva(knowledge of Paramartha), if it is in lower stratum, then teaching as well making one, understand is necessary, if one reaches the subtle sphere, there is no need of teaching or to make one understand, but only by andhaja(approximation/guessing), then only by andhaja -(approximation/guessing) — Parama Pita Baba ki Jai, Parama Pita Baba ki Jai