SUPERSTITIONS ABOUT DEATH[typed only a part of purely Original Hindi Discourse]


17 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

[this discourse was in Hindi and i have heard the tape and transcribed it hearing well and properly done the editing without any prejudice, but the electronic editions addicted with their narrow religious background have completely ruined the discourse, so please go through comparing each sentences and analyze with proper attention, in future somebody must do this translation again with proper care, to justify the wrong notion of carrying dogma of death for centuries due to fear or not believing in re-birth etc... Here beloved BABA has completely broken their logical bones, but this editors of AM again have done their hypocrisy... see to your self by going through....all bolded letters are spoken in English by Beloved BABA]

Some people are of the opinion that, if any human being does whatever he wants to do, then there will a judgemental day for such actions, after a very long, long time, on one particular day, which is called as Doomsday, the day of judgement. Ru’h ki kyamat.

Now it has to be seen, for such an opinion, how far that is correct?

Man, it does make a sense that, “Man is a rational being, if not a rational animal”.

Man is a rationally thinking being.

Because of this rational outlook, we must seriously have a proper thought, that how far it makes sense for stating that this opinion like thousands and thousands or lakh and lakh of years, on one particular day, there will be a judgement.

Let us first see that, for such thousands and thousands, lakhs and lakhs of years, where does that man remain?

After the death, where does he remain?

Whether the man remains in the grave yard?

There, in graveyard, after few days, what does happen?

The wholebody will turn into soil beneath?


Even these also is defective I say. Why?

Whenever a man does any action as per his desire, his Will there will be progress, that’s alright.

First he goes to Heaven(svarga vasa) and later he will be going to Hell(naraka vasa), then what is the authentic evidence?

May be first he may go to Hell(naraka vasa) and then later on to Heaven(svarga vasa). Such Ideas or such type of thought, we must never give any consideration, even though it is still less defective.

By now, you all have understood that – firstly being born has a human directly, such idea is defective.

Secondly the day of judgment of doomsday is also defective, man whether he lies in the grave for, indefinite period, such idea is also defective, Eternal heaven and eternal hell is also a defective idea.

You all must do actions, and all those actions must be offered to Brahma (Brahma arapan), Brahma arapan, Brahma havih – Brahma arapan, that is doing the offering to Brahma and doing the offering many times, there will be no more action left and action will come to an end and you’ll be established in Satyaloka and be one with Brahma and you’ll be in complete bliss for infinite time to come. This only is the true path.

This above discourse was transliterated to English from Hindi Discourse by me, if any misrepresentation in the idea is my sole responsibility only. No need to worry, move on, move on!