CONSCIOUSNESS[purely original discourse]
24 May 1969 morning, Ranchi, INDIA

{the electronic edition translation of this discourse is completely a satanic translation of those editors, who do not have an iota of understanding what Bábá wishes to communicate in this discourse but without doing proper justice to transliterate, some one so called CPS approves this editing and allows for printing in A’NANDA VACANA’MRTAM PART 23 AM publication}
[go through these discourse corrected, so that you all will know, how by HIS Grace, editing discourses has it is, with utmost sincerity, hearing the tape in Hindi, for the sake of pure devotion to MY Bábá]

Jágrata-svapna-suśuptyádi caetanyaḿ yad prakáshate.
Teśáḿ vilakśańo sákśii cinmátrohaḿ Sadáshivah.

Whenever abhiprakasha(expression) occurs, then on the ocean of vibrationlessness, if any vibratory waves are created, for such a thing, we call has abhiprakasha, expression, exaltation .
Nirguna satta(entity) is without vibration, nirvasangha samudra(non-vibratory) but Saguna satta is vibrating, sadata-samudra.
Whenever there is wind over the ocean, then there will be vibration manifested. This vata, that is wind, due to this Saguna Brahma is vibrating, then what is this wind, Ma’ya’, Ma’ya’.


Vilaksano, vilaksano saksii – it is expressed has vilaksano because the jagrata, svapna, susupti in all these, what the expressions are expressed in these relative world, if these relative world is not there then the expressions would not have taken place.

If there was no expressed universe, how then the indriyas can function, it cannot function, how then could mind think, it could not have thought.

So whatever the expression that exist, it is for the relative world, but for all these the Supreme Witness-ship is not dependent on the relative world, HE is an Absolute Entity.

Vilaksano saksii, viparita laksana not that of the relative, but viparita(absolute), then who is that, cinmátrohaḿ Sadáshivah, that is vilaksana saksii is who, “I am that Sadáshiva” – cinmátrohaḿ Sadáshivah.
Man whatever he does, that witnessing entity Sadáshiva, who is Cit-svarupa – HE shall always remain and witnesses everything. Nothing can be done secretly without HIS witness-ship, anything secret can’t be done, for HIM everything is clearly open, everything HE knows.
“Today I am very busy, so let me do only two or four minutes Sádhaná, but tomorrow I shall do properly because I need to go for a party.
As somebody have told me, but as for attending the party is so important, even Sádhaná is far more important.
Rather at that time, you shall go to party, but let Paramátmá grace be with me, that nothing happens, even that too Paramátmá comes to know.
Even inside your mind, whatever your speak, what is thought projection?
To speak internally, whatever you speak internally that too HE listens, and whatever you spoke externally that too HE listens. Both inner thought as well as outer thought, HE listens. You know, what is the real truth of man, whether the inner thought or the outer thought, it is inner thought.
So the inner thought is more important, so first HE hears the inner thought. So HE does as per the inner thought. So Mind as well as Spirit must be kept always one.
But what does the man do with the outer thought, he wants to keep it properly, but a hypocrite what he does in the outer thought, it is not proper in the inner world.
Whatever your outer thought is make it same as the inner thought was, that is making the outer as well inner thought act same, is your process of Sádhaná.
What is your Sádhaná?
In each and every man except the Siddha Puruśa, there are two personalities, the outer man and inner man. The inner man is less complicated than the outer man, but outer man is apparently good, apparently good; but the inner man, what is it, it is less complicated, outer man more complicated.
Generally what does happen?
Inner man is duśt́a(cruel) which exist inside, outer man displays to be too good and proper.
In every man there is two I’s, one is inner “I”, another outer “I”. Inner I and outer I.
To make these two I’s unite, is your Sádhaná.
Please come, and take your seat and feel comfortable, what can I do for you?
Outer man is saying, but inner man is saying, again he has returned, now what the hell he is going to do now? What he will do?
Then please come, come, have a seat and feel comfortable, such is the outer man as well inner man acts.
So by making the outer man unified with your inner man and if outer man becomes one with inner man, then one becomes perfect.
The outer man will become one with inner man through Sádhaná.
By practice of Sádhaná make the outer and inner man unify, then you shall get peace and become great.