COLOR OF SKIN[purely Original Discourse]


17 December 1971 morning, Patna, INDIA

Black printed discourse, there was no audio; but color part is edited hearing audio.

Janmaná jáyate shúdrah saḿskárát dvija ucyate;

Veda pát́hát bhavet viprah Brahma jánáti bráhmańah.

You know about vipra, kśatriya, vaeshya and shúdra. Vipra means an intellectual who helps the society with the help of his intellect, who teaches others, guides others; he is a vipra.

A kśatriya protects the society, protects the weak, how?

With his valour, with his strength. A kśatriya utilizes his strength and courage in protecting the society.

And vaeshya means – ? You – vaeshya means – ?

Vaeshya means producer, manufacturer. That is, agriculturists, a farmer is an agriculturist, factory labourers, technicians – they are all vaeshyas.

And shúdra – the labourer, or one who does nothing, or wastes his time, or depends on others, they are all shúdra.

Now you see, so far as mental color is concerned, mental color you know, according to mental tendency – mind has also color and that color according to the wave-length of thought.

For a Vipra it will be whitish,

for kśatriya reddish,

for Vaeshaya yellowish, and

for shúdra blackish.

Black means here, not the color of the skin, not the complexion you know but mental color.

Actually it is, it concerns what?

Mental color.

And one may think, one’s mental color by dint of one’s Sádhaná.

There were certain misunderstandings in India regarding these shúdras.

Some people used to think that those non-arya people –

Austrics, Mongoloids, Austrics and Negroid population of India, Austrico-negroids, they are the shúdras, because of their black skin.

No, not of black skin, but of black mind, son of an intellectual may be a shúdra – if he is mentally black.

A man be a Vipra, even if he is physically black.

Janmaná jáyate shúdrah;

A new born babe, just after taking birth, a man is shúdra, ALL ARE Shúdra, because they do nothing and they depend solely on their parents. So they are Shúdra, certainly Shúdra, depending on their mother.

Saḿskárát dvija ucyate;

And after few years, after 5, after five yes, when one is Initiated, then one becomes dvija.

………………….. first phase, ALL ARE Shúdra,

Saḿskárát dvija ucyate, after one is Initiated one becomes dvija. A man, not simply a living being, but a man.

Veda pát́hát bhavet viprah;


Veda pathe, after one get initiation, if one becomes an intellectual, one is to be treated has a vipra – Veda pát́hát bhavet viprah.

Brahma jánáti bráhmańah – And after that when one, after initiation, after becoming dvija, when one knows the Brahma, he is Brahmana.

Brahma, the man, the spiritual aspirant who knows Brahma,……………..

Bábá is saying – let them do little kiirtan, we can go.