KURU PUŃYAM AHORÁTRAM / DO VIRTUOUS DEEDS DAY AND NIGHT [partly typed purely Original Hindi Discourse]


12 February 1979, Patna, INDIA

{In below topic, the main line about Bhaskaracarya has been totally eliminated in EE6/7, }

People may ask, “Kuru puńyam ahorátram” – “ Puńyam ahorátram Kuru” – “ahorátram puńyam” how is it possible.

ahorátram” – people must have to sleep in the night, “ahorátram” how then is it possible?

It is a question, it is a very knotty question, a knotty problem?

Kuru means, “kri” dhatu “lyut ii”, “lyut ii” in madhyam purus, ek vacan “kuru” anugya, “do” imperative mood, “karo” – a direction, it is an order, “ahorátram puńyam kuru”.

The explanation of this word “ahorátram” was done before, now I am repeating the same, again/one more time.

When the sunrise takes place, even when the tiny bit of sunlight comes out from the horizon of our earth crest, from that moment this “ahorátram” starts.

When the sun completely gets submerged, then it is dinaman kal, again from “the period of sunrise to sunrise, that is, 24 hours, as per Bharatiya(Indian), as per ancient Bharatiya(Indian) calculation, asthaparhar – for 3 hours it is one asthaparhar (3X8=24), this how it happens.

As for the time measurement in ancient times, it was discovered by the indigenous people of India, that is Dravidian’s, who were very ancient, that is “kal ka parimapa”- “measurement of time”.

From then, it was further taken over by the “Vaedic Bharati ya/Vaedic Indians”, Vaedic Bharati ya/Vaedic Indians and Arabic people”- ‘Arabic here means ancient Arabs, not the present Arabs, that is 5 or 6 thousand years before’.


So this action, can be done even during sleep also. Thus Shauṋkarácarya said, “Kuru puńyam ahorátram.”

With these, what does happen to man?

In mind, in spirit, one will be elevated and such a man will be able to render greater service to the society at large, so every man must become like that.