16 October 1979, Raipur
{translated even when Baba is travelling in car, here also the AM Publication and EE5/6/7 has negative intention, go through & compare}

Man comes to this earth for a very short span, and within this short span of life, they are to complete everything. There is lot of work to be done, but time is very short.
………………So an intelligent man, must make best use of every moment of time. So wasting one’s time is a great foolishness, why?

If at all, everybody will work collectively in this effort, then this words will not be a far away words, rather it can be accomplished quickly. I want that this Chattisgarh, in which state of condition it exists now, let it totally come to an end from this condition, so that it paves way for a very bright future, and people from all corners, that is let people come from all corners of the world, see as well as learn, how far the people here have attained progress and in what way they will be going to achieve further progress.
Let the light of Chattisgarh be ever effulgent, like a luminous star in human society, so that all may learn and take advantage from it.
Baba after delivering this talk is travelling by car.
I am producing the conversation in the car, how Baba convereses here ….when car takes a ride .. there is Parama Pita Baba ki Jai !! … then Baba asks “Narendra hai na” means whether Narendra is there, then Narendra says “Yes, Baba”.
Then Baba says to Narendra, “Today I did your work”, then Narendra says, Yes, Baba today the Samaj work was done Baba.
Then Baba says, the fact is that, the actual fact is the same, what I spoke. Then Narendrajii says, yes it is absolutely the fact Baba.
Exploited as well shelterless people amongst them they will create dispute and after creating divisive ness amongst eachother they shall exploit them. This is what is done.
Narendrajii says, what is it? Then Baba repeats, “What did happen”?
After getting down from car, Baba asks, who else is there in front, then Narendrajii says, Dhani as well as Vishnudevajii, Baba repeats, Dhani & Vishnudevajii.
Rathi jii is travelling uptil Benaras along with us, then Narendrajii says, Yes Baba. He was here, Baba asks, then Ac Ramanandajii says yes and Narendra jii also says “yes Baba”.
Then Ac Keshavanandajii says, some name of a margii from Ranchi also has came, then Baba says, Acha, even he was here, Jii Baba.
Ac Keshvananda ji says, Harishankar was also present, then Baba says, Harishankar was present, Acha, then Baba asks whether he does work here. Then Narendrajii say, Bhaila dilla and Ac Ramanandajii also says Bhaila dilla.
Baba says, Bhaila dilla.
Narendra jii says,the car door will be opened, then Baba says, Chattisgarh what must it become, Humanity’s brightest star, then Baba says “chalo, chalo”, where we’ll all go? Baba asks.
Did you understand, Narendra. What to become? Absolutely, a bright…, then Baba completes, a brightest star, then Baba says everybody can visualize properly.
Baba says, What all would be spoken daily, in Chattisgarhi it must be translated and uptil the last, which may be two or three discourses more, then in Chattisgarhi language print a book of few pages.
Narendra says, a DMC discourse in Vishakapatnam was translated into Chattisgarhi language but it was little bit difficult to reproduce it, Baba. What and where, then Ac Ramanandajii says in Vishakapatnam DMC, yes it was, the subject was itself difficult, the English was tough, but here it is very simple, Narendraji says, here it is simple.
“Chattisgarh mai Baba” that is “Baba in Chattisgarh” name print a book with 8 or 10 pages book. I shall speak on various different topics, today I spoke related with the works on Samaj.
Here the conversation ends while walking…