AN EXPRESSION IS NEVER ALONE[Discourse partly transcribed from different source]


28 May 1979 evening, Stockholm, SWEDEN

….For example, this city of Stockholm is sheltered in country of Sweden.

Sweden is a bigger space than the city of Stockholm. This country of Sweden is sheltered in continent of Europe, whose shelter is this planet earth; the shelter of this planet earth is solar system, and the shelter of this solar system is the Cosmological Order.

And this Cosmological Order is nothing but an internal psychic projection of Parama Puruśa.

So HE is the Supreme Shelter.

And not only that, because of HIS intuitional presence in each and every expression, HE witnesses everything.

Nothing is secret for HIM.

You may think that those dirty  affairs, those things that I did, perhaps Parama Purusa did not see those[laughter].

“HE is so busy in so many works, perhaps HE neglected it.”

No, HE sees everything, because it is HIS duty to see.

HE sees, but it doesn’t mean HE hates.

Because HE sees, HE has sympathy for each and every expression. Why?

Because each and every expression is an emanated expression of HIS cordiality. So each and every expression is an object of affection for HIM.

A bad man is a misguided son of Parama Purusa.

A father must have, and actually a father has got, immense love for all HIS children.

Son, good boy or bad boy; but when a son is misguided, HE wants that he should come to the proper way, he should resort to proper path. This is the thing.

It is HIS duty to see that everyone moves towards the Supreme Goal, towards the Supreme Desideratum.

And HE is always ready to help anybody and everybody; and HE helps, and HE will be helping in future, because it is HIS only duty.

And for the created beings, their only duty is to move along the path of beatitude shown by Supreme Father.

So, in case of Parama Puruśa and HIS progenitor, the love is mutual.

HE loves HIS progenitor not for the purpose of getting love from progenitor.

But in case of progenitor, it is just the reverse.

Suppose, HE says, “No, from this very moment I will not love My creation” then and there the creation will cease to function.

Because the movement starts from love, the movement resides on love, and the movement finally goeth back to love. So I said love is mutual.

And when HIS progeny sing Bábá Nam Kevalam openly. HE sings, Bábá Nam Kevalam secretly.

Because the progenitor is nearest and dearest one for the progeny, hence the progeny also is nearest and dearest one for the Supreme Progenitor.

Both are Bábá to each other and one another.

The entire creation is the creation of that Singular Entity.

So everybody comes from a very high family, a very noble family. Nobody is unimportant. Nobody deserves hatred.

Sarve’tra Sukhinah bhavantu sarve santu niramayah;

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu na kascid dukhamapnuyat.

“Let everybody be happy; let everybody be free from all psychic ailments; let everybody see the bright side of everything ; let nobody suffer from any trouble under pressure of circumstances.”

I hope in future these Margiis of ours will be asset to human society.