ASCRIBE BRAHMA-HOOD TO ALL[Absolutely corrected English rendered Discourse]
14 December 1971 Morning, Patna
All our animal life are for material enjoyment, but human life is for higher pursuits, for something subtle, something higher, something more elevated.

There are certain propensities which are common both for man and animal, but the old idea of logicians that the man is a rational being is not supported by us.

We say man is not a rational animal.

If we say man is a rational animal, then the man also comes within animal category. Yes, man is a living being, but man is not an animal.

We say human life is an ideological flow. The ideological flow is humanity, it is human life; and where there is no ideological flow it is an animal.


The offering entity is here in this world to do the work of Brahma — “And after completing this work of Brahma he will become one with Brahma.”

Brahmaeva tena gantavyam’ and when, Brahmaeva tena gantavyam’  means Brahma is the goal, the goal of the offering entity. And when he goes?

Brahmakarma sama’dhina’ — “after he completes the work allotted to him by Brahma.”