ABOUT IISHVARA AND ROLE OF ENERGY[purely Original Discourse]


Date Unknown, unknown place but in INDIA

Maharsi Kanad and Vaedic Rśi, whatever they have said regarding Iishvara, that will be “The Subject of discourse”. Tattva, … Vaedic Rśi’s said that HE was a Magician.

Occult power, what we say in english, in Samskrta, we call as Aeshvarya.

What is this Occult power? Whoever has the Aeshvarya, for them, we call Iishvara.


Under Shiva’s influence Shakti dances, if there is no Shiva, Shakti cannot dance herself alone.

So Operative Principle must, Operative Principle to function, there must be Shiva’s presence.

The dance within the Operative Principle with which the rhythms are emanated, which is going on, which is been released, which is been emanated, that rhythms, that emanations where do they get nullified, it is with Shiva.

The Shakti’s dance while dancing, she is continuously destroying her energy, due to the dance of Shakti, her energy is being destroyed and this energy, while performing this dance which is dissociated from the Original structure, detached from the Original Operation, where does it is going, it is being merged into Consciousness.

She is dancing with Shiva and she is also waning one with Shiva, that’s why Para Shakti is called NITYA NIVRTTÁ, every moment she is waning and so in theory one day Shakti will be dead completely and only alone Shiva will Exist, but in practice it will never happen why because she is Nitya nivrttá ….. – Paramaprakrtih sá nitya nivrttá. Whatever the rhythmic expression, what does the dancing mean here is the expression is rhythmic, whatever the rhythmic expression of Causal Matrix is, this rhythmic expression, what it is?……….to be continued if tape is available.

The rendering of English translation was done hearing the audio and posted only part by the administrator and if any misinterpretation is lone fault of me.