WHICH ONE IS THE BEST TIIRTHA?{purely Original Discourse}


24 October 1971, Vishakhapatnam, INDIA

During this internal Ocular power, internal Ocular vision, they see that his Lord lies coverted within his very “I” feeling, within his very Existence.

He needn’t go to temples, he needn’t go to tiirthas in search of Parama Puruśa.

When asked by Párvatii, Lord Shiva said.

Párvatii asked Lord Shiva “O Lord, which One is the Best Tiirtha?”

You know, the meaning of Tiirtha is Tiirasthaḿ.

Tiira is that point, in a river.


Átmatiirthaḿ na jánanti – “They do not know this Átma Tiirtha, where the Parama Puruśa lies coverted.”

Just now I told you “Tattvasya nihitaḿ guháyám”, That Tiirtha is not known to them, that’s why they can’t get Mokśa, they can’t attain Salvation.

One should always be in one’s own Átmatiirtha.