TO KNOW AND NOT TO KNOW[purely Original Discourse]


20 December 1978, Calcutta, INDIA

To Know”…, what if it is a particular psychic projection, the object of which is something positive and “Not to know”, it is also a psychic projection, the object of which is something negative.

To Know” or “Not to Know” both are different types of Psychic projections.

That’s why in the Vedas, it has been said:

Náham manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca,

Yo nastatveda tatveda no na vedeti.


Yasyámataḿ tasyamataḿ mataḿ yasya na veda sah

Avijiṋánataḿ vijánataḿ avijiṋátam avijánatam”

The man, the scholar who thinks, that “I know this thing”, “I have written so many books on this subject”, “I know, I know it”, but actually he may, it may be a fact that he doesn’t know the fact?

He thinks that he knows but actually he doesn’t know.

Say in the past, before 1912, Calcutta was the capital of India and after reading a Geography book of 1911 or 1912, a scholar, suppose a big scholar in Geography, he say, Yes I know that Calcutta is the capital of India.

But it is not the fact, from 1912 Capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi and now Delhi is the capital, not Calcutta.

But in the books that he went through before 1912, it was written that Calcutta is the Capital, so what he says is a relative truth. It was truth for the year before 1912 not now.

Those who think that, they know but the fact may be otherwise.

The factuality may be go against his statement,

Yasyámataḿ tasyamataḿ matam yasya no veda sah,

Yasyámataḿ tasyamataḿ” and it may so happen; a man says, “I do not know”, but actually “he knows the fact”, “he knows the truth”.

So, “Avijiṋánataḿ vijánataḿ avijiṋátam avijánatam”,

Those who are loved and respected and adorned has scholars they may be, actually it may be, that they are fools and “vijánataḿ avijiṋátam avijánatam” and those who feel or those who say or those who confess that they are fools, actually, they me the wise person, they may be the real Scholars.