21 August 1978, Patna, INDIA

So yesterday …that Puruśottama is the Nucleus of this Cosmological system.

In Atomic system, there is a Nucleus, and so many electrons are moving round the Nucleus.

Similarly, in our Ethereal system, the Earth is the Nucleus, and Moon is moving round this earth; and in Solar system, the sun is the nucleus, and so many planets are moving round it and in the Cosmological system, the Puruśottama is the Nucleus, and so many Material objects are moving round It, so many Solar systems are moving round that Nucleus.

But the specialty, there lies certain specialty with this Cosmological Nucleus.

In other systems, that is, in other smaller systems, the movement is in the realm of Physicality, but, in case of this Cosmological nucleus, the movement is not only in physical stratum but also in psychic stratum.

That is, Mentally also, all are moving round HIM – knowingly or unknowingly.

Those who move round HIM knowingly – dancing round HIM knowingly, they are fortunate, they are the Devotees.

Others are moving round HIM unknowingly, and because of their movement unknowingly, unconsciously, sometimes they find their crude objectivity, because of their crude objectivity, sometimes decrease their radius, sometimes increase their radius.

Because of want of knowledge, when the radius is increased, they feel sorrow, they feel that they are in predicament and when that radius decrease, they get pleasure.

So this is the specialty of Cosmological Nucleus.

In other nuclei, in case of other nuclei, the movement is just within the realm of Physicality.

Everybody should always remember that knowingly or unknowingly each and every Mental creation, each and every Mental unit is moving round that Supreme Nucleus.

You should have subjective approach and objective adjustment. Dharma Cakra is subjective approach.

HE is the Supreme subject; all others are HIS objects.

When the sensory organs and motor organs are the objects, your mind is the subject. When mind is the object, your Átman is the subject. And when Átman is the object, Paramátman is the subject.

So, Paramat́man is the Supreme Subjectivity. And the Supra-mental world – Atimánas Kośa of Brahma – is the crudest objectivity.

Where there is knowledge, but no devotion, there such people try to establish their specialty. And, as this endeavor to establish one’s specialty becomes more important than finding the Supreme, people fail to find the Supreme Veracity.