RÁDHIKÁ SHAKTI IS THE COGITATIVE FACULTY – [typed partly Purely Original Discourse]


November 1966, Ernakulam, INDIA

Mind is that unit mind is a creation of matter, and matter is a creation of Cosmic Mind.


What is Krpá? What is Krpá?

You know, Ramakrishna Paramahansa was a, was not a learned man in mundane sense.

Once upon a time a very learned man said, “Oh, Ramakrishna, people say everything depends on HIS Krpá.”

What is the local pronunciation? Krpá? Krpá?

So, what’s the meaning of Krpá?”

He said, “You know, I am an illiterate fellow, as per, (mana)but according to my view, Krpá means, there are two syllables, kr and pá.

Kr” means Karo, karo, karo – ‘Do, do, do – Do your sádhaná, do your sádhaná, do your sádhaná.’ “Kr”means “do”, do your Sádhaná.

And “pá” means Páo – ‘Get’. ‘Get it, get it, get it, get it.’ That is, ‘Get it by doing Sádhaná’ – Kr-pá.”

And I said, that Divine Bliss, that Divine Krpá, that Divine Compassion, is always being showered upon you, on each and every living being, on each and every animate and inanimate object – but you don’t feel it.

You are not being drenched by that Divine water, you are not being drenched by that Divine shower, because you are holding the umbrella of vanity upon your head, that’s why.

If you want to be drenched by that Divine shower of Krpá, you have to remove the umbrella of vanity from your head; just remove it and get yourself drenched.

And what is Sádhaná?

Sádhaná is just to remove the action of removing this umbrella from upon the head.

The Supreme Self, the Hub is near, very near; HE is within Yourself, because in case of this hub, the microcosmic hub and Macrocosmic Hub are the same.

Sútre mańigańá iva – so many hubs of so many flowers touch the same thread in a garland. Have you seen it?

The hubs of so many flowers are being touched by the same thread. And this supreme thread is called the Vaejayantiimálá of Lord Krśńa.

Sútre mańigańá iva. Do you follow?

HE is near you, but you can’t feel HIM, because you are holding that umbrella of vanity.

And if you remove that umbrella of vanity, what will be your experience?

You will feel that HE is with you, just like

Tileśu taelaḿ dadhiniiva sarpi,

Rápah srotahsvarańiiśu cágnih;

Evamátmátmani grhyate’sao,

Satyenaenaḿ tapasá yo’nupashyati.

There is oil in til [sesame], but in order to get the oil, what will you have to do? You will have to press it. And in that case, what will happen?

The oil and impurities will be separated.

Because HE is hidden, HE lies covert, within your mind.

Just press it by Sádhaná.

Then HE, that is, Puruśottama, and your mental impurities, will be separated.

Dadhiniiva sarpi – “HE is just like ghee hidden in the “Dadhi-curd.”

If you want to get the Ghee sarpi, what will you have to do?

You will have to churn the Dadhi[curd]. And after churning, what will happen?

Butter and the impurities will be separated.

The impurities of the Dadhi[curd] are called “takra” in Samskrta. In shloka, In a shloka it has been said,

Mathitvá caturo vedán sarvashástráń caeva hi;

Sárantu yogibhih piitaḿ takraḿ pivanti pańd́itáh.

So many scriptures, so many Shástras, they are just like oceans of milk, oceans of curd.

And after churning this ocean, what will happen?

The Átmá, that is, butter, and the impurities, are to be separated.

And those who are yogis, those who are practical sádhakas, they enjoy that butter, and pańd́its, mahámopádhyaya, smrititiirtha, kávyatiirtha, they quarrel with those impurities! Laughter..

But the Sádhakas will enjoy it.”

This portion of your mind is that butter.

After churning the mind you will get that butter, and when you will get that butter, you will feel that unknowingly that butter has been taken away by Krśńa.

That Mákhancora has taken away that butter from you without your knowledge.

That’s why HE is the Supreme Mákhancora.

HE takes away the butter from you without your knowledge.

Dadhiniiva sarpi rápah srotaśu – In winter season or in summer season, you will see, in case of those seasonal rivers – seasonal rivers, not ice-fed river but seasonal river – you will find, there is nothing but sand, just like a desert. But there is water, there is subterranean flow of water, within it.

If you want to get water in winter season from a small rivulet, what you are to do?

You are to remove the sand.

And if you remove the sand, you will see, there is a subterranean flow of water, clear and filtered water.