A PURELY PERSONAL ENTITY[partly typed purely Original audio heard and typed by me]


11th May 1979 Evening, Fiesch, SWITZERLAND

Yogamáyá is from Eternal.

Yogamáyá whose very Existence, “Yogamáyá” means Yoga personified.  Whose very Existence is Yoga.

They are very much rhythmic I See.

You see, Perhaps you don’t know that, while dancing Kaośikii one may, both males and females may use ornaments of flower, in Lalita Mármika also one may use, only no ornament is permitted in Táńd́ava.

You know Lalita Mármika Dance used during Kiirtana is purely Spiritual dance, and

Kaośikii is a Psycho-spiritual dance – it starts in Psychic level and culminates in Spiritual level.

And Táńd́ava is Physico-Psycho-Spiritual.

In Lalita Mármika, the position of arms is above 90 degrees. This denotes that it is a Mudrá – in Saḿskrta it is called a “Mudrá”.

This Mudrá means, “O The Supreme Creator, Thou art Mine and I am Yours. I am Thine.”

Now there, everywhere in the world you will see one is in positive case and another is owned by that Person or that Entity.


So just to save Himself from the monotony of Singularity, HE created this Universe.

Just to play with HIS children.

This is the only reason.

I know no other Philosophy.”

This will be the reply of a Devotee.

Sá vá eśa tadá drśt́á na pashya drshya mekarát́

Me ne santamuvátmánam supta shaktira supta dik.

And this Creation, what it is?

It is nothing but different portions of HIS Divine body.

And that’s why I said that there is no sinner in this world.

All are HIS loving children.

You boys, you girls – forget your past and start your life afresh with this subtlest and noblest idea – that you are inseparable particles of that Supreme Entity, of that Parama Puruśa.