WHO IS GOPA?[purely Original Discourse]


31 August 1978, Patna, INDIA 

People do Japa kriya in a very crude way. 

This Internal repetition of one’s own Incantation is just like talk of a parrot. Parrots talk, parrots says so many thing, without understanding the meaning, without understanding the spirit or sense of what it says. 

Japa kriyá becomes like this for them. 

So without Love or Devotion, this Japa becomes meaningless. 

Even it loses the value of Internal suggestion, Intro-psychic Suggestion. 

Then, Japa kriyá 

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here. 

What is Dhyánam?

To withdraw all propensities from their extroversial movements and guide and goad the collective force unto the Supreme Cognition. 

Now, where the Supreme Cognition is not loved, where the Supreme Cognition has not been accepted as only Object of Adoration, there the guiding the Propensities; guiding those withdrawn course of Propensities unto HIM becomes meaningless. 

So, Bábá is saying here that I spoke in English here. Yes. 

So Dhyána is withdrawing the mental Propensities from all Extroversial entities, and then with collecting those withdrawn Mental forces, mental Propensities, and goading it unto the Supreme Entity. 

If there is no love for the Supreme Entity, this Movement cannot be done. Where there is no Love, how the mind will not run after HIM.

So Dhyána also becomes meaningless. 

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here. 

So, if man practices all these things without having Love for the Supreme, if there is an Iota of Love, if there is an wee bit of Love, he gains everything.  

But without Love for the Supreme, he wont be able to get anything.

Only those Intelligent people who know that I may or may not be Efficient or Proficient in the sphere of karma, even if I am not Efficient in discharging the Japa kriyá, if I know nothing regarding Yoga, if I know nothing regarding Celestial and Extra-Celestial knowledge; if I do not understand “What is Guru Bhakti”; even if I do not understand the inner spirit of Japa; even if I do not know “What is Jiṋána”, I will be …. and the spirit behind this Idea of Loving the Supreme, is in the Rudimental phase, I Love HIM, not to get anything. 

I love HIM because I get pleasure in Loving HIM – and for no other purpose.” 

And in the final stage, he feels and says that, “I love HIM, not to get any pleasure for myself.

I love HIM, because I want that my Love should give HIM pleasure.” 

That is, it is purely Unilateral, not mutual. 

Where there is the Idea of mutuality, it is no Devotion, it is an ordinary Commercial transaction – give some money, take some article. 

Here the devotee wants to give everything to the Supreme Entity and wants nothing in return. 

I Love You, not for myself. 

I Love you because I want that my Love should give you pleasure.

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.

So, in that last state of final stage, his only Mission is to give HIM pleasure. 

In Saḿskrta “to give pleasure”, for this – the verb is “gup” dhatu, “gup” means “give pleasure to”, and the man who has developed this type of Love for the Supreme is called “Gopa”. 

Gopayate sah Gopa” – he who gives pleasure to Lord Krśńa is “Gopa.” 

Bábá is speaking in Hindi here.