THE FIELD OF DHARMA {partly typed purely Original Discourse}


10 December 1964, Salem, INDIA

You know, life is a constant fight, a fight between evil force and divine force, Vidyá shakti and Avidyá shakti.

These two belligerent forces are active in human mind. A Sádhaka will encourage the divine force, and a non-Sádhaka will encourage the evil force.

This fight is called Devásura saḿgráma.

The deva party is the divine force, and the Asura party is the evil force.

This Devásura Saḿgráma is going on from time immemorial; and that’s why spiritual practice, Spiritual Sádhaná, is called Sádhaná Samara.

Sádhaná is samara.

Samara means “war”, “fight”.

Sádhaná Samara.

We get this picture in the Giitá. This very picture we get in the Giitá.

In the Giitá, in the first shloka, What has been said? Amm.

Dhrtaráśt́ra uváca ["Dhrtaráśt́ra said"]:

Dharmakśetre Kurukśetre samavetá yuyutsavah;

Mámakáh Páńd́aváshcaeva kimakurvata Saiṋjaya?

“Dhrtaráśt́ra said.”


So Kurukśetra — this universe is Kurukśetra, this world is Kurukśetra.

And your body is Dharmakśetra.

And this war between Páńd́avá and Kaorava, One hundred Kaorava and five Páńd́avá,  this fight his taking place within this Dharmakśetra and within this vast Kurukśetra.

Fight will never come to an end!

In individual life, when the Páńd́avás win, you will attain Salvation, but in collective life, such a Salvation will never come, it will go on forever . . .

In your individual life, you will do Sádhaná and attain salvation.

And with your spiritual force, with your intellectual force, with your physical force, you are to serve the Society; you are to render Selfless Service to suffering humanity.