GHOST AND EVIL SPIRIT{typed partly purely Original Discourse}


19 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

The subject of today’s discourse is “Ghost and Evil Spirit”.

Now let us see what does happen when a man dies. When a man dies, his physical body along with nerve cells and nerve fibres, remains here in this earth and finally they become one with the earth.


So now what does happen, when a man sees some unnatural picture or unnatural image or unnatural being?

One thing, I have already explained – that it may be the help from the ectoplasmic structure of a Tantrika, he may create the body; just to terrorize others.

Vidyá Tantrika won’t do these things, but Avidyá Tantrika may do it just to terrorize others, as they used to do, and after getting some money they stop the practice.

In hindi Bábá’ says… Itne rupaiya dae dho, hum tek kar thenge..

And some time, you saw and went to a particular house which is suppose, people say it is haunted house. There are some haunted houses in each and every town, and I have already told you that if you find any haunted house, you just purchase it or use that house, because Ghosts won’t terrorize the “Ananda Margis”, because each “Ananda Margi” is a ghost. [laughter]

Each and every “Ananda Margi” is a Ghost.

Shivasya Gana, Shiva ka Gana yai”.

They are followers of Shiva.” Ghost won’t terrorize ghosts.

What does happens there? Due to terror, due to pre-imposed terror, their mind gets, get concentrated. Due to fear,the mind gets concentrated, and due to concentration, what does happen?

Certain portion of his own ectoplasmic stuff goes to help that detached mind in creating a body, an ectoplasmic body and so you see, your own creation; creation has been made by your own ectoplasmic stuff. But that detached mind was also there. It is not Ghost.

And those Brahmapisháca, or several kinds of “Ghost”, are all of your creation. That detached mind and your ectoplasmic stuff transferred due to your mental concentration, temporary concentration.

And this type of temporary concentration takes place under five circumstances–

  1. kśipta,
  2. múd́ha,
  3. vikśipta,
  4. ekágra,
  5. nirodha.

1. Kśipta – when the mind is much perturbed, full of worries and anxieties. At that time, due to certain short concentration, such a thing may happen.

    2. Múd́ha – when your brain fails to think what to do; what not to do – you are at a loss of what to do. It is called múd́ha – múh dhatu aur kta -múd́ha. 3. Vikśipta – Vikśipta you are not concentrating on a particular point, but finally your mind becomes tired and, in that state, you see those things. Vikśipta – You know in lullaby; we make the mind of the child, vikśipta and he get asleep. Lullaby, lullaby, you know? – Poems recited to.. yes? To get him, know in deep slumber, not ordinary sleep. Vikśipta

    4. Ekágra: When your mind gets pointed and

    5. fifth is Nirodha: when you suspend all the expressions of all your propensities.

Under these five conditions, you may see those things and you may, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, transfer certain portions of your ectoplasmic body to that detached mind and create that positive hallucination.