20 May 1979, Timmern, GERMANY

Last night, I said that human expressions are trifarious in character – Physical, Psychic and Spiritual.

And Human approaches are four in number – Physical, Physico-psychic, Psychic and Psycho-spiritual.


That is, the Psychic pleasure that you get is counteracted or neutralized by Negative projection – by the pains you get due to Negative projection.

Plus and minus make it zero.

So I said there cannot be any development or any progress in Physical or Psychic spheres.

Now in case of Psycho Spiritual approach, What does happen?

Human approach towards the Spiritual Nucleus means fighting against the limitations of time, space and person.

So it is the best wont of Human beings.

And here lies the difference between Man and Animal.

Even the Developed animals cannot do it.

Now in the course of this Psycho-Spiritual advancement, when the particular aspirant crosses the silver line of demarcation between Relativity and Absolute, he goes beyond the touch of all mundane bondages.

And that is the final destination, and that is the Desideratum of all Human beings.

And this approach of Humans is called “Bhágavata Dharma”.

It is the proper Dharma, it is the actual Dharma.

All other Ideas are based on Isms and Dogmas.

They can function within the scope of three relativities – Temporal, Personal and Spatial factors.

The man who is Intelligent, he should from his very childhood move along this path of Psycho-Spirituality.

The sooner a man starts or moves along this Path of Psycho-Spirituality the better it is.

He is the Blessed One.