THE REQUIREMENTS FOR SÁDHANÁ[partly typed purely Original Discourse]


13 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

I had told that for a Sádhaka?

What should be the minimum requirement”?

It has been said in Tantra that, Párvatii had these question and Shiva have to give these answer.

Shiva said “Sukrataer Mánavo bhútvá jiṋánii cenmokśamápnuyát.”

When Man has a result of his actions, when he gets the human body then he becomes capable of and competent to perform Sádhaná.

Now the question his, if whether a man is ready to perform Sádhaná, or if a man needs to have qualification like Age, Academic qualifications, and have high esteem like this much that much, and above all to be educated, such things in order to do Sádhaná?”

Regarding Age, it might be appropriate to say that there are basically four stages in Human life.

In the first stage of Human life, what is the primary duty of Human being?

That is to receive knowledge(Visarjana karana), to read and write and perform Dharma Acarana and Dharma Sádhaná.

In the second stage, what is our duty?

That is to perform worldly duties and perform Dharma Sádhaná.

During these process, in the third stage, one must perform any left over worldly duty and then remaining family responsibilities and to perform Dharma Sádhaná.

Then the fourth stage of the duty is when the Human body has become incapable of performing worldly duties, one must only do Dharma Sádhaná.

These are the four stages of Human life, so there is no barrier of Age as far as the requirements for Sádhaka are concerned.

I came to remember an Past incident.

A child Dhruva even at an very early age of five started performing Sádhaná and singing bhajanas.

This scared the eminent Rśis and Munis and became the talk of the day that he would surpass them in all excellence.

So these Munis and Rśis started to practice sádhaná vigorously but he was a child and as they were old enough to compete these young child.

So they all came together to Náráyańa, and as you know we are all great great devotees, but these boy who is very young of five years old has surpassed us in Sádhaná; so it is of great shame for all of us?


Then the Specialty about Human is?

What is the specialty in other living beings, is that plants & trees will not move but other living beings move.

Plants and trees will never shout but other living creatures shout.

Then what is the difference between man from other living creatures?

That is Vistára, Rasa and Sevá.

What is Man’s Svabhava?

Unbarred expansion, and always aspires for his mind to be expanded. Vistara, the desire for expansion is the innate characteristic, the Svadharma, of human beings. No one desires to remain kśudra – that is to remain little.

The second factor is Rasa, and third is Sevá.

In Manava Dharma, the second thing which is not present in other living beings is Rasa.

What is Rasa?

Rasa means flow.

Parama Puruśa, since time immemorial, anadi se ananta tak – adikala se anantakal tak, there is a never ending flow of Cognition.

What is that flow?

That is, Parama Puruśa’s Svarasa – Svabhava.

Parama Puruśa is always established in Svabhava.

Man also aspires to associate his bhava with HIS bhava.

When Man becomes successful and gets established, then only man’s desire gets complete satisfaction, his hopes gets fully complied with, his aspiration gets fulfilled.

Then only his life becomes blessed.

In Shástra, it is called “Árthakáma”.

The desire for these attainment of Árthakáma or its sole Intention, it only exists with man not in other living beings; neither in plants and trees nor in animals.

The third essential factor of Bhágavata Dharma is Sevá.

Only Man knows that he is a Man, but other animals, plants and trees and other living creatures do not know, what is their identity?

Plants, animals and material objects are not aware.

A rupee does not know that its name is Rupee.

A mango tree does not know that its name is a Mango tree.

A Tiger does not know that its name is Tiger.

But Man knows that his name is Human.

And man also knows that his Origin, his Parama Pita, his Source of impetus is Paramátmá., then with all unit beings, he has a brotherly relationship.

Due to this knowledge of brotherhood, Man is superior to all other beings.

As HE is the Father, and that they are all HIS children.

As HIS children, they have a brotherly relationship with all other Jiivas, or Unit beings.

You all know very well that, when does mother and father becomes pleased?

Only when they find that their children have been loved.

Similarly, when does Parama Puruśa gets pleased?

Only when you serve all HIS progeny, then only.

As man understands this, the Sahajata vrtti (innate characteristics) of man is to serve others.

Only plants and trees, animals are only progeny it is not like that.

It is also not like that, that only man is the progeny of Parama Puruśa.

All animals, all plants and trees are HIS Progeny.

So every creation is to be done Service.

That is, Bhúta yajiṋa, Nr Yajiṋaa are to be performed.

Only man has this knowledge and understanding.

Only for such men who has knowledge and understanding, he is called true Human.

Being a Man only means we can’t call him true Human.

For such man who has the real sense of human awareness, then such man follows Bhágavata Dharma, practice the Sádhaná of Bhágavata Dharma. This is what is Bhágavata Dharma.


“Kaomára ácaret prájiṋah Dharmán Bhágavatániha,

Durlabhaḿ mánuśaḿ janma tadapyadhruvamarthadam.”

At the earliest age possible a wise man will start following Bhágavata Dharma, will start Bhágavata Dharma Sádhaná.

To follow Bhágavata Dharma, the only requisite qualification is total Self-surrender.

After Dhruva made his reply, what happened?

Náráyańa appeared and asked the boy, why are your doing Sádhaná.

Dhruva said, for realizing YOU only I was performing. Now you have appeared then “The Sádhaná was for YOU, and YOU have come”. So now I will get up.”

His work became successful.

What is the necessity of doing Sádhaná at such an early age.

You must remember the fact that, to realize HIM – age, nor male or female, education – academic qualifications and such things are not relevant.

Great scholars, senior people and Mahámahopádhyáya Pańd́itas may lag behind, while an illiterate person realizes and fulfills his purpose.

You should not have any inferiority complex in your mind, or any other sort of complex that I am illiterate, I am of less age, I am useless, I am a lady like such sort of complex. You are Parama Purusa’s progeny.

So, irrespective of your status, age, sex, education, knowledge or what other thing, it is your Birthright to realize Parama Pita. So make proper utilization of this right.

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