SUPERSTITIONS ABOUT DEATH[purely Original Discourse]


17 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

This above discourse was transliterated to English from Hindi Discourse by me, there may be misrepresentation of these discourse and nobody is utilizing it so i want cut short it….. if any inconvenience about my idea then take the responsibility of correcting the discourse by searching and giving time to reproduce original discourse in Hindi and English as well as in all languages of the world – proceed on…. move on!

… the life can come over again if nerve cells are still working and nerve fibres also.

You might have seen that in many of the cases I have demonstrated that if a man had died; I have saved him. Have you seen that. Why?

Usually nerve cells will be alive for two to four hours in everyone’s body. When the nerves will be in working condition then during that span of time it is possible to bring back life.


By now, you all have understood that – firstly being born has a human directly, such idea is defective.

Secondly the day of judgment of doomsday is also defective, man whether he lies in the grave for, indefinite period, such idea is also defective, Eternal heaven and eternal hell is also a defective idea.

You all must do actions, and all those actions must be offered to Brahma (Brahma arapan), Brahma arapan, Brahma havih – Brahma arapan, that is doing the offering to Brahma and doing the offering many times, there will be no more action left and action will come to an end and you’ll be established in Satyaloka and be one with Brahma and you’ll be in complete bliss for infinite time to come. This only is the true path.