3 June 1990 DMC, Anandanagar, INDIA

The subject of today’s Discourse is, The Cult of Spirituality is a cult of Pinnacled Order. You know, spiritualism and spirituality are not the same thing.

Spiritualism” means something concerning ghosts, and “Spirituality” is something concerning the Supreme Cognitive Principle.

So there is a heaven-and-hell difference between the terms “Spiritualism” and “Spirituality”.

We are concerned with Spirituality.

Now, for all action, be it Intellectual, be it Intuitional, be it Physical, be it pure Psychic, there must be a base, a standing point, a starting-point. And there must also be the Goal – the Supreme Desideratum.


When they attain Guru’s feet to get Initiation, they have already began their journey towards Devotion.

And those who have already started their Devotional Journey, You realize that you’ll surely reach your Destination.

For reaching the Goal, your Birth on this Earth has been taken place.

You have to realize that why have you been born here in this Earth?

By following this only path of Devotion, you’ll have to become one with Parama Puruśa.

This is the Pinnacled Point, Supreme Point of Human Goal also, you should remember it. You should always remember it.

You should remember it during your lifetime and also after your Death.


You all shall move together; you all must move together.

You all will be together and will speak the same Ideology.

You remember that with one mind of all, bring all other mind together and with that one collective mind, beget the Victory.

In the Holy past, it is said, Devasura Samgraha time, the Devas were united and Asura were not united, so Devas won the battle but Asura were defeated hither and thither.

You all together, with all your intention, motivation, aspiration and desire must be of same nature and with that movement of spirit you have to become like a beautiful flower.

With this flow, you all move and I hope that, I not only hope but Firm with conviction you will be Victorious.

…………………This progress needn’t.. … this Meditation must be associated with Ideology. This Ideology is more a theory than Cult and Ideation must be associated with Ideas, it is more a Cult.

Here the Kiirtan, our Kiirtana, Kiirtana are an expression of Devotion.

Actional faculty, Intellectual faculty, Devotional faculty are to be Devotional and the Highest Degree or Highest stratum of Devotion is ‘Ananyamamatá Viśńormamatá prema sauṋgatá’ – or Ananyamamatá Viśńormamatá bhava sauṋgatá.

Where the thought waves or pencils of thought movements are goaded by a single Idea and where the Culminating point are also a Singular one, that is attachment for others; attachment for crude world or psychic world, that is when goaded unto the Supreme Self – “Ananyamamatá Viśńormamatá” and it is guided towards “Visnu”, it is the Supreme Status of Devotion.

Visnu” means it comes from the root word, root verb “Vis” – “Vis” means “to penetrate”, the entity that penetrates everything, that is it is present in in each and every expressed Entity; in each and every emanation of the Supreme is “Visnu”.

Vistárah sarvabhútasya Viśńorvishvamidaḿ jagat;

Draśt́avyamátmavattasmádabhedena vicakśańaeh.

The Entity that is Omnipresent in the Universe is “Visnu”.

That’s why all Loves, all Human Sentiments and all Devotion must be guided unto that “Visnu”.

‘Ananyamamatá Viśńormamatá Prema sauṋgatá’.

Let there be song.

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