SAVITR RK”[purely Original Discourse]


8 December 1964, Salem, INDIA

In ancient times, there were two recognized stages in the process of Initiation.

Those two recognized stages were the first one was Vaedikii Diikśá, that is, initiation as per the Vaedik school of thought, and the second one was Tántrikii Diikśá, that is, Initiation as per Tantra.

The most important Mantra in Vaedikii Diikśá was “Gáyattrii Mantra”.

The spirit of Vaedikii Diikśá was to pray to God for getting the proper path, the Path of Bliss; and

The spirit of Tántrikii Diikśá was to move along that Path.


And that’s why in TANTRA it has been said,

Satyaloke Nirákárá mahájyotisvarúpińii

Máyáccháditátmánaḿ cańakákárarúpińii;

Máyábalkalaḿ saḿtyajya dvidhábhinná yadonmukhii

Shivashakti vibhágena jáyate srśt́ikalpaná”.

Satya loka is the subtlest loka.

Loka means stratum.

There are Seven strata.

Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha, Maha, Janah, Tapah, Satya.


Tat Savitur Devasya – “Savitu” ek vacanam of the word “Savitrii”.

I think now it Quite clear?
Kalyanamastu !!!

WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS?[purely Original Discourse]


October 3, 1978, Patna, INDIA

A story from Hara-Párvatii Saḿváda. In that story is, Once Pa’rvatii asked Lord Shiva, Oh Lord, “What are the secrets of success?”

In reply, Lord Shiva said that there are Seven Secrets of Success:

Lord Shiva’s reply was. “Phaliśyatiiti Vishvásah”, I am saying this from Shiva Sam’hita’

“Phaliśyatiiti Vishvásah siddherprathama Lakśańam;

Dvitiiyaḿ Shraddháyá yuktaḿ trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam;

Caturtho Samatábhávo Paiṋcamendriyanigrahah;

Śaśt́haiṋca Pramitáháro Saptamaḿnaeva vidyate”.

I think today there will be want of time….

The reply was, the first requisite factor for success, the first secret of success is “Phaliśyatiiti vishvásah siddherprathama lakśańam” — “I must be successful in my mission.”

This firm determination is the first Secret of success.

That is, the Spiritual aspirant must have this firm determination that “I must be Successful”, and this must is a result of “Extreme love for the Supreme”.

When the love for the Supreme remains unassailed, uncontaminated, then that Love creates this must, What must, “I must be successful in my mission.” This is the first requisite factor, the first secret of Success.

Dvitiiyaḿ Shraddháyá yuktam – The second requisite factor,the second secret of success is “Shraddháyá yuktam .

One must have Shraddhá for one’s Desideratum.


Shraddhá is a Saḿskrta word having no corresponding word in any other developed language of the world.

That’s why I have to explain the meaning.

In Saḿskrta, “Shrat” – “Shrat” means “Satyam”, and “dha’” comes from the root verb “dha”.

When one, ascribes everything to one’s goal, or one’s object, or to one’s own Supreme Subjectivity appearing as one’s object, and moves unto HIM, rather goads one’s everything unto HIM, then that movement is called Shraddhá́.

First ascribing “Supreme Veracity to the Object”, actually not object, actually it is what?

The “Supreme Subjectivity” as if taken; as if it is the object and then moving unto or goading unto one’s all towards HIM, unto HIM, then that mental movement is Shraddhá́.

“Respect” or “Reverence” do not carry the sense of “Shraddhá́”.

“Dvitiiyaḿ Shraddháyá yuktaḿ” – Now you see, this Shraddhá́ can also be created or can also develop only where there is Extreme Love, Sincere Love for the Lord.

So this second factor also depends on Love for the Lord.

“Trtiiyaḿ Guru Pújanam” – Gurupújanam; What is GURU? In old Saḿskrta “GU” means “Darkness” and “RU” means Dispeller, “Dispelling Agency”.

The Entity, the guiding faculty, that dispels all darkness, all Spiritual darkness, all Spiritual slumber from your mind, that Entity is “GURU” and “Guru Pújanam” means “doing as per the desire of GURU”, is “Guru Pújanam”.

So the third requisite factor is “Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam” and this third factor is created only, when one gets the GURU as “Embodiment of Spiritual Guide”, as “Embodiment of the Brahma” in HIS role as “Spiritual Guide”.

“Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam”, Do you follow?

“Caturtho Samatá Bhávo” – And the fourth requisite factor is that, when all are creations of the same Lord, and when all are Progeny of the Supreme Progenitor, then all have the Relationship of brothers and sisters amongst themselves.

Nobody is higher or Nobody is lower. There must not be any Superiority Complex nor any Inferiority Complex; neither “Mahamanyata nor Hinyamanyata”.

“Caturtho samatábhávo”, that is — “Complete Mental balance”.

When this balance, this Mental balance is established, when Mental equipoise is established, then we may say it is “Samatábhávo”, – “Caturtho Samatá bhávo”.

“Paiṋcamendriyanigrahah” – Now you know, the human motor organs and sensory organs,  they are the link between the external Physicalities and Internal arena of Human existence.

Now, if these organs, motor organs and sensory organs are properly restrained, properly controlled, if proper restraint is established on this organs, then mind can function properly, moving towards the Supreme Cognitive Faculty.

And that’s why “Paiṋcamendriyanigrahah”, the fifth requisite factor is that the spiritual aspirant must have restraint over his both motor and sensory organs.    “Paiṋcamendriyanigrahah”.

“Śaśt́haiṋca Pramitáháro”.

What is “Áhára” -  “A – hr+ ghain” – Áhára”.

That a man collects from External world is “Áhára”.

In case of Mental “Áhára”, it is Physical “Áhára” in case of Mental “Áhára” – humans get it both from External objectivities and Internal psychic world.

You may eat a physical rasagolla’ and get pleasure, you may create a rasagolla’ in your mind and “eat” it mentally and get pleasure.

Now “Pramitáháro” here it has been said, Pramitáháro”, not  “Paramitáháro”, “Paramita” means “controlled”, “Paramitáháro” means “Controlled Diet” , not taking much, not taking less, Controlled.

It is “Paramitáhára” but in this shloka, Lord Shiva said “Pramitáhára”, and not  “Paramitáhára”

“Pramitáhára” means, it is “Pramitáhára” but at the same time it is substantial.

“Śaśt́haiṋca Pramitáhára”, There should be control over food,  they  are many people where otherwise good, but they HAVE GOT no control over THEIR food.  Śaśt́haiṋca Pramitáháro”

“Pramitáháro” is a very important factor, whatever I will get I will eat, whenever I’ll get I’ll eat, this are no logic for human beings, we should have proper control over your food.

And that food must be substantial. Śaśt́haiṋca Pramitáháro”

After narrating these six factors, Lord Shiva said, “O Párvatii, there is no Seventh factor.”

That is, if you get these six factors, if you follow six factors,  you require NO Seventh Factor – “Saptamaḿnaeva vidyate”.