01 January 1989, (typed by watching a Video discourse in English starting from 15:23)
Place unknown, DMC, INDIA

Baba speaks something first in Hindi and starts in English the following discourse:
This metaphorsis is going on even in the sphere of individual creatures, plants, animals. Physical strength potentialities of physical vitality is fast being metamorphosed, into psychic vitality, psychic strength and living beings are fast becoming more psychic, than physical, that is all the potentialities, all the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic possibilities of the entire creation is fast being converted into psychic potentiality and this gives a hint for future, for a bright future, and what is that bright future, when the crude physicality is being converted into, is being transmitted into psychic structure, then a day is sure to come, when this subtle psychic structure will be converted into still more psychic spiritual structure. Do you follow you girls & you boys – “Yes, Baba”.
That day is not a story of distant future, when the entire living world, will become spiritual; passing through a transitory phase of psychic. So your future is bright, and not only bright, but guaranteed, and new spiritual life free from all sorts of dogma is sure to come, in near future, and we are anxiously waiting for that bright and crimson dawn.
Parama Purusa is with you, and HE is to give you proper direction, so that you may reach your desideratum, your goal without any difficulty, without much difficulty, with the gospels of Parama Purusa, for salvation of the universal created beings, Parama Purusa will do the needful, you just go on obeying HIM, you just go on doing HIS work, and adhere to what HE says, with all your zeal, with all your energy, future is assured.

“PRAPATTI”{purely Original Hindi discourse in audio}



Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta says, General darshan on 12 February, 1979 in Patna.

Devotees are singing a devotional song in Hindi … and it ends… Then Baba starts speaking in Hindi – “What should I speak, on which topic should I speak, Baba speaks in Angika a sentence … and Baba starts to speak in Hindi  … Today morning I spoke about “Kuru puńyam ahorátram”, a detailed explanation was spoken, now you all very well know that jinana(intellect), karma(actionist), bhakti(devotion) and even you know that in the last stage, ultimately bhakti is the only solution and there is no any other alternative, but in this bhakti, you all know that this bhakti solely depends upon this Prapattivada, and what this Prapattivada means, whatever the man does, and whatever the living being does, at the final stage, what is that final word is “Prapatti”. Without His desire (iccha), a blade of one leaf, a blade of leaf doesn’t move, and even one blade of grass cannot move. This is what is known as “Prapatti”.

Based upon the Prapativada, this intuitional knowledge of Bhatki is solely dependent, solely dependable.

This is the Liila of Parama Puruśa, and thus Parama Puruśa in this liila drama, which part of the role has He bestowed upon, according to it one must move on. This is one of the biggest and gigantic drama, but the narrator, Parama Puruśa who planned the gigantic drama, because of this drama, there will be some difficulties, and certainly some difficulties arose.

Once such a difficult situation took place after kurukśetra’s battle. The battle had taken place and Kaorava were defeated and in Pandava’s side too many of them died, there also many died.

After the war, Dhritarastra, Gándhári all together arrived in the battlefield. On other Krśńa, painca (five) Pandava, Kunti, all of them came. So both the parties are crying, alas all of a sudden, with Krśńa, the Kaorava party met one another, and came very close by.

Gándhári was crying and one of her daughter-in-law was also weeping, as for the general norms that prevailed in society, Krśńa said to Gándhári, Why do you cry, you are very wise, you know well that it is how the worldly things goes, “Ja syat hi durver mrtyu” – “whoever has taken birth, death also is a must” – who has come, must also leave. “Agacchati sa gacchati”,

Gándhári said, You see Krśńa, when others are in shocking condition, and when in anybody’s house some death takes place, even me to go there and say the same words, but when such tragic incident happens within one’s family, they forget about this. But when somebody would say such words then it is very awkward to hear that, yes it is true fact, if in any house, there befalls some tragic incident, one must not speak a word but go there & sit along with them.

Krśńa just became quiet. Then Gándhári said, You see Krśńa, “I know that this drama is being created by You Only”, it is one functional action/work, and also it is your duty, and it is true fact that I believe, but my only question to You is, Why You conceived of such a drama that You gave for Kaoravas many prominent roles, for Pandavas also, if otherwise to say why did You give my sons the role of papi’s(sinners) and others the role of punyavan(virtuous), why did you place like this, even you could have given my sons the role of virtuous, You have done the partiality. Now it is very tough to reply, even for kaorava You could have given, for Pandavas also You could give the role of sinners and Kaoravas You could give the role of virtuous, why didn’t You do that, this is charge against and complaint. Krśńa became quiet.

The actual fact is for Parama Puruśa, all the microcosm(jiiva) are what, like own finger, in whatever way He wishes, He dances it, it is His authority. As such even the human beings may put a question, and force him to crisis, because it is their authority, to put questions, then what for have You given the throat, to speak, if You have given the throat, then how is it, you don’t want to listen, that’s not proper thing. If you have given the throat, then you have to listen.

The man will definitely speak, and if one doesn’t speak to one’s own people about the complaints, where then does they go, Jii and against whom does they complain for. Yes, I said sometimes there arises such crisis, that at the last, what did happen, I shall say that also, Gándhári said, Krśńa, I shall pronounce upon You a curse. What was the charge? The same charge, why were the Kaoravas made non-virtuous(sinners), and the Pandavas virtuous(Sadhu). Krśńa didn’t had the answer, during that time He didn’t had His answer, but actually answer was there, and Gándhári said, accord me Your permission, for uttering the curse.

For cursing Parama Puruśa, it must be with His permission, isn’t it. Audience laugh.

Gándhári said, Just before my very eyes, my sons and all my dear ones departed, in the similar way, just before your very eyes, Your Yadava lineage must get perished, Krśńa said, “Tathástu [“Let it be so”].

So what does it mean, It is His own planning, for this itself it is said as “Prapatti”. You have to remember this word properly.

Based upon this Prapatti only, the entire Bhakti Shastra (code of discipline) is governed, the entire idea about Bhakti.

The man who is an intellectual, maybe he is great intellectual, or he may be a great karmii (actionist), but in the field of practicality, rather than theory the view of practice has greater value.

With only the knowledge of theory if one flies on the sky, it has no any actual effect. In this practical world one must have the touch of solidity/crudity.

What does this practicality mean?

If suppose there is a great actionist, and if you ask him whether in all of his actions does he is cent percent successful, he isn’t. Does he not get exhausted, yes he gets exhausted? While during his exhaustion, does he not request Paramátma, to give him more power, yes he does ask to give strength, for more strength. So in the last, however a great actionist he may be, he must come to His shelter, now please do come for my rescue.

The intellectual while speaking and speaking about the knowledge, even with him to, what does happen? The exhaustion of knowledge covers him that his power of thinking stops, the brain does not function, and even he cannot utilize his all works, then what does happen, there will be the defeat of knowledge. Then his defeat of ego takes place. Then at last, please You must save me, You must only protect my pride.

And with the devotee also, one who shows off to be a devotee, even he sometimes realizes that, to befool others he has become a show off devotee, “Ja jeyjesta yahimeti” that means, in this way one must ring the bell, in this way one must light a candle, one becomes like a machine, where there is no love, there only the man becomes a machine, in the machine there is no ananda(divine bliss), it is only mechanical.

Because of the lack of this Ananda Rasa(Divine Bliss of Perennial flow), the heart becomes like a desert, his heart and his existence becomes a desert, and even he tells that now please You come to my help, save me from this net like desert.

If in a man, when this exhaustion comes with intellectual, actionist and devotee in all of them, and when after this exhaustion, if man says that I can’t move, amara par nahi laghtua(in bhojopuri), in this condition, he comes cent percent under His shelter(sharan). This is what is called as “Sharanagati”, “Sharan – a – gati”,

What does the “sharan” mean?

Not having dependence upon anyone else and 16 anna(means 100 percent) dependence upon Paramatma, for that only it is known as “Sharan” and “a” means “come” and “gati” means “vibrational movement”, All those vibrational movement when merges it in Him, for that only it is said “Sharanagati”. What this sharnagati, when this sharanagati is realized upon then only one’s fulfilment ends/ terminates, this spoken words must always be remembered. [Audience says, “BABA”]