YUGASANDHI{purely Original Discourse in Hindi}


30 December 1978, Patna, INDIA

[I heard this Hindi discourse and transliterated with my best capacity this unique discourse, but the EE7 publications(i have put their discourse below go through both and come to a conclusion or expose them or do what i did here to send message to all devotees) has done grave sin again on their part to distort with their whimsical mind set, so you all never forgive those and fight tooth and nail to eradicate and bring victory to yourself as what mentions in below discourse.]

What does it mean by “Yuga-sandhi”?

The human society is moving along a certain path, and while moving on and on, it was seen that the conduct & behavior, manners & customs, knowledge and social codes being too old, there was no dynamism and it had lost its capacity to move forward.

In such a critical phase, there was an urge of extra ordinary personality presence in the form of Sambhuti, in that instance an extra ordinary personality’s manifestation had to take advent.


So all of you be fearless. Wherever there will be fight between dharma and adharma in any corner or any place, only you have to await for the victory.

You all are never alone, Dharma is always with you, the Shubha buddhi(the benevolent intellect) is with you, I AM ALSO WITH YOU.

Then Beloved Baba says in Angika or Maghaii, I am always with you all, but never fear for anybody.


The Transitional Period

30 December 1978, Patna
What does “yugasandhi” mean? “Yuga” means “age” and “sandhi” means “joint”. Therefore yugasandhi means “juncture between ages”.

At a certain stage in the movement of human society along its path, the behaviour, manners, customs, intellect and wisdom of the people cease to develop – they become static; and society loses its capacity to move forward. This is the critical juncture in history when the society feels the need for an extraordinarily powerful personality, a Mahásambhúti. At this juncture the advent of such a mighty personality is inevitable.

It has already been said that sadvipras will be at the hub of the social cycle to guide and control the movement of the society. They will not allow anyone to perpetrate torture or exploitation. However, at that stage of acute staticity in the society, which occurs every three to four thousand years, a great and extraordinarily powerful persons advent is extremely necessary. Such a figure or “Mahásambhúti”, infuses dynamism in the social body and accelerates the speed of movement. All the virtuous people in the world respond to his call and rally around him. He creates a polarization in the society: the virtuous versus the wicked. In the clash between the two groups, the virtuous people emerge victorious by dint of their special efforts coupled with the grace of that great personality. His advent itself signifies victory in the war. The mark of victory is sure to be imprinted on the forehead of the virtuous. The brave companions of this Mahásambhúti accompany him from age to age preferring to work with Him than attain their own liberation. They may or may not have great ambitions, they may or may not suffer from superiority or inferiority complexes, but there is no evil element in this world that can defeat these blessed people. Rather, in the last phase of the conflict, the evil forces are bound to accept total defeat. Therefore, to those of you marching forward on the path of virtue, the path of dharma, I say, “Keep marching on safely and without concern.”

Shiva’s companions were not reputable scholars, but were virtuous people who were always ready to fight against sin. In history they are called “Shiva’s spiritual soldiers.” You should remember that in the present world you are Shiva’s retinue or “gańa”. That is, you have come to the world for victory and not for defeat. A few thousand years ago, Krśńa was born. At this time also, his companions, the gopas and gopis of Vraja, who worked with him to accelerate the speed of the social movement, were also not profound scholars or learned people, but it is they who were victorious. In those days many songs were sung in praise of those great people.

In the present day also, you can see for yourself how the social movement is grinding to a halt. When social progress loses its velocity it is called “yugasandhi” (transitional period) in Saḿskrta. You have all been born in such a transitional period and have assembled here today. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to Your call and will unite. The same polarization is taking place now as occurred in the past: the honest people are with you and will remain with you; the dishonest people win oppose you now and will continue their efforts to block your progress in future. Whenever there a war between dharma and adharma, you are sure to be victorious. You are not alone – dharma is with you, the benevolent intellect is with you, and I am also with you.
30 December 1978, Patna