After HIS long stay in Kalikata, Ba’ba’ left for Patna on June 2, 1981 and HE was there until August 1982.

Bihar has been a proverbial land of devotion for centuries. Ananda Marga Bhaktas of Bihar were pining for Ba’ba’ for months and months while HE was in Kalikata. Since the day, Ba’ba’ arrived in Patna, hundreds and thousands of Bhaktas from all parts of Bihar began to flock to Patliputra colony residence of Ba’ba’.

All the days, HE was in Patna, Baba’s residence was as it were a devaloka vibrant with chanting of kiirtan, meditation and spiritual discourses from morning till night.

Hundreds of Bhaktas wrapped in devotion would chant kiirtan, standing in rows for hours and hours. Sometimes these days, BABA would take his morning and evening walks in the lawn of HIS residence. Sometimes, HE used to walk and stand in the midst of Bhaktas and talk to someone standing nearby explaining a very interesting point.

Apart from the spiritual side, Baba’s presence also helped on organizational side. Patna Jagriti in Patliputra which was almost completed this time.

The women welfare Department opened an AMSAI school in Patna.

They received a gift of land for the school.

During the period, Baba gave 12 of HIS serialized discourses on Shivology.

A total 19 discourses on Shivology, to be printed in the form of a book to be entitled “NAMAH SHIVAYA SHA’NTAYA’ is expected to be available in the market from next week on.

Another book – an interesting story book for children in Bengali named “Hattamalar Aro Galpa” was also written by HIM. HE also stressed the materialization of certain organizational items during this time under PCSP program such as:

  1. Block level school
  2. Block level Jagriti
  3. Dit-level Master Unit.