You have learnt a well-ordered system of Meditation & other spiritual practices based on Dharma. If any individual or groups, however powerful they may be, try to suppress you or even succeed in suppressing you, they are bound to be destroyed. History has witnessed many such a downfall in the past. No-one has ever been victorious or will ever be victorious by opposing Dharma. March ahead with your own strength, march with firm steps & your head held high. Always remember that when Dharma is with you, whoever will oppose you will be razed to the ground – their destruction is a must —

Normally the brain emanates irregular rhythms called beta waves. Repeating a special sound called a “Mantra” creates a calm vibration that stills the restless mind. Gradually, the brain waves slow to calm, rhythmic alpha waves and the meditator enters a state of deep and serene concentration. With continued concentration on the ‘Mantra’ the brain waves slow still further to ‘theta waves’ and tremendous psychic energy builds up inside the mind —-

Meditation develops concentration, memory, creativity, intuition, control of emotions, efficiency in action, self-confidence & inner peace. Meditation is not a religion, but a science. Experiment in the laboratory of your own mind & discover. The endless happiness within —-

The person who can dedicate their all to the thought of the Great and the inspiration of the Supreme are verily the greatest heroes. Such heroes indeed are the virtuous and they alone are capable of taking human history from darkness to light —-

Bio-psychology is the science of total health. Many of our diseases are psycho-somatic , due to emotional imbalance. This is often caused by over or under secretion of hormones from endocrine glands. Yoga postures can prevent and cure diseases like high blood pressure, digestion dis-orders, kidney troubles, arthritis, nerve problems, depression and neurosis —–

Movement is the very characteristic of the universe, a person who will move as much as he can is destined to be victorioius. As long as a person keeps lying in the darkness of delusion, that person’s fortune also continues to lie asleep ‘When a person sits up, the person’s fortune also sits up. When the person stands, his fortune also stands. And when the person starts moving, his fortune also starts moving.Therefore, Oh human beings, move on, move on —-


In Ananda Marga Sadhana, the method of withdrawing the mind from degrading tendencies & absorbing oneself in the color of the Great, is called Pratyahara Yoga(the Yoga of withdrawal) or Varn’a'rghyada’na(the offering of colors).

What is Va’ma’ca’ra?

It is the reason that “Target or no target” i shall go on fighting against the darkness of Ma’ya’ & after her defeat, she will help me realize my cherished desire. Such a sadhaka is called “Va’ma’ca’rii”.

What is Daksin’a'carii?

A Daksinacarii wants to win over Prakrti through entreaties and importunities. He/she begs, ” Oh, Prakrti ! remove my darkness and make way for me”.

What is Madhyama’carii?
With Brahma as a goal, & proceeding forward, rending the darkness of Avidya is called Madhyama’ca’ra or the Middle course.