Betia DMC of Ánanda Márga, 22.01.1984 

On the occasion of Betia Dharma Maha Cakra, Preceptor SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI advised all HIS devotees to follow the path of “Manava Dharma”.

“ Svadharme nidhanaḿ shreyah paradharmo bhayávahah” quoting this samskrta sloka by Giita, Gurudeva said, every man should follow the path of Dharma. The gist of DMC speech was as follows:

If one meets death while travelling on the path of Dharma, it is better”. The dharma of plants and animals is pashu dharma.

What is Pashu Dharma?

To be within the bounds of lower instincts. Hunger, sleep, fear and sex are common in man and animal.

To follow the path of Parama Purusa, to love Parama Purusa, to move on the path of truth – is known as Manava Dharma which differentiates human being from animal.

It is better to tread the path of truth even by experiencing pain than to live in selfish pleasure of mundane enjoyments. So, Lord Krsna has said, “if one meets death while traveling on the path of dharma it is better than to live in pleasure(animality) experienced by the enjoyments of mundane Wealth”. 

Ask Parama Purusa for Parama Purusa Himself


Shrii Shrii Ánandamurtiji in HIS General Darshan speech advised all the devotees, “Ask Parama Purusa for Parama Purusa HIMSELF.”

Shrii Shrii Ánandamurtiji the founder of Ánanda Márga arrived at Gorakhpur on 25th January, 1984. HE was received by thousands of margiis in a joyous atmosphere. Many gates were made at several places of the city for HIS Welcome. Whole Gorakhpur was echoed with the slogans “Parama Pita Bábá ki Jay.”

During the morning Speech of DMC, Beloved SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said, “The thirst of human mind is infinite. He will not be satisfied until he attains infinity. A hungry man who is in need of 1kg food will not be satisfied with 100 gm. Even 900 gm will not do.

Exactly 1 Kg is necessary to satiate him. Similarly the mind which is hungry for the infinite will be satisfied by the infinite only. This infinite cannot be many. It is only one and the same i.e., Parama Purusa. Therefore the infinite desire of human mind will be satisfied only with the attainment of Parama Purusa. So if you want to ask for anything, ask for Parama Purusa Himself.”

Beloved Bábá said, “Wealth, name, fame, position all these are finite and should not be asked from Parama Purusa.”

Beloved Bábá said again, “Parama Purusa is like the touch stone. You should not ask iron but touchstone, by the touch of which iron will be gold. How much iron can you carry? Ask for the touchstone and pocket it. It’s small and also easy to carry. Then convert anything into gold as and when you like.” 

Kanpur Dharma Mahacakra(DMC)

On occasion of the visit of Preceptor SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI to Kanpur, a Dharma Mahacakra of Ánanda Márga was held here on 12th February, 1984.

A large number of devotees came from different parts of Uttar Pradesh to have darshan of Gurudeva. Many margiis from other states of India and quite a few brothers and sisters from abroad also participated in this program.

Some margiis said, it was a very special type of Dharma Mahacakra (DMC). The moment Gurudeva reached the Pandal in the evening of DMC, a thrilling spiritual vibration engulfed the hall. Many started crying and many were found calling BABA, BABA aloud.

Soon in presence of Gurudeva, kaosikii was performed by the sisters and Tandava and Kaosikii by the brothers.

Then all the devotees sang Prabháta Saḿgiita Songs.

After this Gurudeva gave HIS Discourse.

Brahma Satyaḿ jagadapi satyamápekśikam” – the main topic of DMC speech was “ Brahma Satyaḿ jagadapi satyamápekśikam.”.

Bábá said, “Dharma of all is one. Desire for the Great and to attain HIM, is the nature and eternal urge of all humans.”

Dharmasaya tattvaḿ nihitaḿ guháyám, quoting this Saḿskrta sloka, Beloved Ba’ba’ said, “Dharma is not external thing. It is to make love with God and realize HIM within ones own Self. Contracting the preposition of Brahma Satyam jagatmithyá.”

Beloved Bábá said, “Jagat or this world is relative truth. It is created by God. Therefore all should love HIS creation also.”

Beloved Bábá said, religion is one under its diversity. Those who are quarreling in the name of religion and thereby creating differences among peoples are the traitors of God.” 

Agra Dharma Mahacakra(DMC) 

Agra, 19th February, Beloved Preceptor SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI, the founder of ÁnandaMárga arrived here on 15th February from Kanpur. HE was received by the Margii devotees in a happy air.

Since a long before the arrival of Gurudeva, margiis assembled at this quarter of Saket colony, which was pre-arranged for his stay. They were found eagerly waiting with a world of devotion in their heart singing Prabháta Saḿgiita. The moment Gurudeva arrived at the place he was garlanded by the devotees. The whole area turned into a divine heavenly atmosphere. 

Beloved Bábá was giving darshana to HIS devotees both the times morning and evening everyday. A Dharma Mahacakra(DMC) which is a special spiritual congregation will be held today.