In 1955 June, Dharma Maha’ Cakra (DMC) was held at Jamalpur on Jyaes’t'ha PÚRŃIMÁ .

It was held on the premises of Advocate Mahadev Mandal in Oliganj, the locality where our present ja’grti is located. Spiritual vibrations overflowed when more than 500 Sádhakas assembled and collectively held DHARMACAKRAS and GURU VANDANÁ.

Everyone was overwhelmed by Brahmic Bliss. “Invocation of the Supreme” was the subject of the Dharma Maha’ Cakra Discourse.

The subject matter of the speech was about the subtle differences between Dharma and Upadharma (religion), and the Base of Human Life made of Painca kos’a and Sapta loka. About the Supreme Goal of human life GURU SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said,

Human beings advance from the subtle to the subtlest or degenerate from the crude to the crudest, according to their own propensity.

Many “Isms” are based on the Kámamaya Kośa.

In one socio-economic theory, the Economic factor is the only factor.

But the Kámamaya is only one Kośa. Even trees also possess Kámamaya Kośa and that is why they derive their vital energy from the earth, water and air.

Where the Annamaya Kośa dominates, all the remaining Kośas are dormant.

The mind identifies itself with crude objects and therefore has no “I” feeling. For this reason, the Átman is also devoid of perception.

While the mind is sleeping in the dormant or latent state, it does not permit the Jiivátman, which is but a reflection of Paramátman, to reveal itself.

Distinguishing Dharma from Religion Guru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said,

Dharma makes each Kos’a perfect and enables a person to achieve perfection in Sa’dhana’.

Only through the achievement of perfection are different portions differentiated from the original stuff. Sa’dhana’ is based on Philosophy and supported by logic.

In olden times people were under the impression that the world was comprised solely of matter and they never thought to go beyond the Ka’mamaya kos’a.

Had they contemplated a little deeper, they would have realized that they were totally mistaken.

Similarly, many modern philosophies are solely materialistic. Their Propounders did not fully apply their minds and hence they cannot be deemed to be perfect philosophies.

Only those Philosophies which carry us to the highest levels of the soul by observing current of the mind are the real philosophies. The rest are only Academical logics.

It is said that for the purpose of Dharma Sa’dhana’ the Painca Kos’as are to be perfected but the question arises how to do that? In reply Guru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said,

They can be consummated only through the practice of Ananda Marga Sa’dhana’.

The Annamaya Kośa is perfected through A’sanas (Physical postures).

Yama and Niyama Sádhaná per­fects the Kámamaya Kośa

The Manomaya Kośa is perfected through Práńáyáma.

Through Pratyáhára the Atimánas Kośa is perfected.

The Vijiṋánamaya Kośa is perfected through Dhárańá and

The Hirańmaya Kośa through Dhyána.

Only Dhyána & SAMA’DHI gives access to the soul.

Pious persons are those who ar e earnest in their efforts to perfect the PAINCAKOS’A.

Human existence consists of the five kos’as and Spiritual Practice is 2nd Lesson+ SADHARANA/SAHAJ/VISHESA/KAPALIKA YOGA +5th lesson. This Spiritual practice is Dharma.

That which does not provide for the expiation of the Painca-kos’a is not Dharma, but Sectism.

It can be seen that in the first months of 1955, Dharma Maha’ Cakras (DMC’s) were held only in Jamalpur, Bhagalpur, and Monghyr but in October and November they were held in Calcutta and Supaul too.

From now on, the Propagation and Organization of the Ma’rga went beyond the boundaries of Bihar into West Bengal.

A’c. Pranay Kumar, A’c. Shivshankar and A’c. Hariprasad toured various places in West Bengal for spreading the message. In “The Base of Life” Guru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said,

People always seek a solid base to preserve their mental potentialities till eternity and to give them vital energy in the struggle with temporal factors.

Is there a solid base in this world?

That which is finite cannot be the base of your life because it will be used up and will leave your mind unsheltered. Thrusting you in the abyss of darkness, it will pursue its course on the unending path.

Therefore , no one except Brahma, the beginningless , endless and infinite can be the object of your mind and the base of your life.

How then in this manifested universe, where there are multitudes of finite objects, can we start a life based in Brahma?

The answer is that you adopt Madhuvidya’(2nd lesson). Instead of seeing the finite and super­ficial objects as finite look upon them as the finite expression of the infinite or the permanent.  

Then the attraction for Preya and Love for shreya shall all fuse into one.