6th May 1955, JAMALPUR, INDIA

VAESHA’KHII PÚRŃIMÁ, the BIRTHDAY of Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI has special significance for his disciples. ÁNANDA MÁRGII’s call the day “ÁNANDA PÚRŃIMÁ“. It is celebrated annually with dignity and honor.

On May 6th, 1955, A’NANDA PU’RN’IMA’ DHARMA MAHA’CAKRA was organized in Monghyr at a spacious palace on the banks of river Ganges. More than three hundred SÁDHAKAS participated.

A little before the DHARMA MAHA’ CAKRA began a few SÁDHAKAS were trained as Táttvikas and Ácáryas. They included A’c. Pranay Kumar, A’c. Candranath, A’c. Shishira Kumar, A’c. Aruna Kumar and A’c. Shacinandan.

These Ácáryas initiated more than 500 persons into the practice of SA’DHANA’ and because of that there were quite a number of SA’DHAKAS participating in the DMC. From early morning SÁDHAKAS started trickling in. Everywhere there was a flurry of activity, enthusiasm and excitement.

Before noon, Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI arrived from Jamalpur and gave personal contact to many.

In the evening Beloved BA’BA’ gave the DHARMA MAHA’CAKRA Discourse on “PAINCA KOS’A AND SAPTA LOKA“. This lecture has been published in Subha’s’ita Sam’graha part 1 under the title of “THE BASE AND THE RELATIVE TRUTH.”

Everyone was awed by the penetrating intellect and the profound wisdom of their GURU. They were immersed in an unknown world and the hall was completely still.


BA’BA’ asked a Sádhaka to sit in meditation. BA’BA’ then awakened the sleeping KUŃD́ALINII in the MÚLÁDHÁRA CAKRA of the Sádhaka and by His spiritual power let it rise through the cakras one by one:

SVÁDHIŚT́HÁNA CAKRA, MAŃIPURA CAKRA, ANÁHATA CAKRA, VISHUDDHA CAKRA, ÁJIṊÁ CAKRA, then effected its union with Supreme Consciousness at the SAHASRÁRA cakra.

The Sádhaka lost his consciousness and fell flat on the ground. Sadguru SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI touched the Sádhakas navel with HIS foot, then put several strange questions to the Sádhaka. Although completely unaware of the external world, the Sádhaka started answering those questions from the Causal layer of his mind.(for more detail query – Go through Discourse “Extra-Cerebral Memory”)

Question: There is a big commotion all around about Tanzing reaching the highest summit of the Himalayas. What do you have to say about it?

Answer: I see that the highest summit of Himalayas is extremely inaccessible. It is surrounded with mystery.

Q: What was the form of this earth 3.23 billion years earlier?

A: It was like a globe of fire.

Q: Return to about 3500 years ago, what do you see?

A: It is the world of Dvapar Yuga, that is, the age of Shrii Krs’n'a.

Q: What is KRS’N'A doing?

A: HE is roaming the banks of Yamuna River with a flute in HIS hand.

Q: Is there any similarity between the Krs’n'a you are seeing and HIS image as it is popularly made today?

A: No similarity at all.

Q: Describe HIS form.

At the order of Sadguru Ba’ba’ SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI the sa’dhaka started to describe Lord Krs’n'a in a feeble voice.

Naviiinameghasannibham’ suniilakomalac-chavim’

suha’sarainjita’dharam’ nama’mi Krs’n'asun-daram.

Yoshoda ‘nandanandanam’ surendrapa’davan-danam’

suvarn’aratnaman’d'anam’nama’mi Krs’n'asun-daram

B h a v a ‘bdhikarn’adha‘ra ka m ‘ bhaya ‘rttina ’sharakammumuks’umuktida’yakam’ nama’mi Krs’n'asun-daram*

Hearing this incomparable description of Lord Krs’n'a, Beloved Ba’ba’ SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI went into Samádhi (Spiritual state of absorption) and lie back onto the cot.

An uncommon light radiated from HIS body. HE remained in that way for about an half hour, then opened his eyes slowly and again closed them. After a little while more BA’BA’ requested help to sit up and asked for some milk.

Usually just after such type of Absorption one ordinarily feels physically tired. To return to normalcy quickly after a Samádhi, warm milk or similar hot drink should be served.

The Sádhaka was still unconscious. He had been oblivious to the outside world for almost 35 minutes.

Beloved BA’BA’ SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI touched the navel point with HIS foot and said, “MANUS’YO BHAVA (be a human being again).”

The Sádhaka slowly -returned to normal consciousness. SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI said, “The internal activities of his body have been stopped for a fairly long time, so after a while give him a short massage then some warm milk to drink.”

The first DHARMA MAHA’CAKRA IN 1955 came to a close with an unprecedented spiritual atmosphere.

* In Nama’mi Krs’n'asundaram, SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI gives the purport of this sloka. Here are some excerpts.

“What is this Krs’n'a like?

Just as some dark patches of clouds appearing in the north-eastern sky after scorching, shim­mering heat [will] bring rays of hope and consolation, [so] Krs”n’a brings hope…Krs’n'a [who the very sight of] brings peace to the mind, delight to the eyes and joy to the heart…HE just smiles a sweet smile at me and HIS lips seem to be red to me. HIS sweet smile has reddened HIS lips.

“Krs’n'a is one, but HE is adored in different ways. HE was treated like a son by Nanda and Yahsoda’, as a friend by the devotees and as a bosom friend by the cowboys of Vraja. Ra’dha’ adored HIM in madhura bha ‘va …The gods received HIM as a friend…You are the helmsman in the ocean of Bha’va.

When I am in trouble or indanger, when there is not a single ray of hope on any side, You are the one who can remove fear from my mind. For those who want nothing but liberation from worldly bondages after discharging their worldly obligation, You are the only one who can grant liberation to them. O Krs’n'a of Vraja, I salute Thee.”