Stratification in Psycho-spiritual Sadhana[purely Original discourse corrected from different source]

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

19 November 1980, Calcutta

Yatamána – 1

It is said that the path of human progress is divided into four stages.

These stages apply to all the three spheres :


Psycho-spirutal (Adhidaevika) and

Pure-spiritual (Adhya’tmika).

Adhibhaotika means, pertaining to the material world, A’dhidaevika means pertaining to the psychic world and Adhya’tmika means, pertaining to the Spiritual world or Abstract world, metaphysical stratum.

Now of the four above mentioned stages the first one is Ya’tama’na, the second is “Vyatireka”, the third is “Ekendriya” and the fourth is “Vashiika’ra”.

The word “Yatamána” is derived from the Saḿskrta root verb “yat” plus the suffix “shánac”.

It means “someone who is making efforts, that is, effort is there, the continuity of efforts is there, the continuity – of efforts is there – this much is surely there.

In a previous Dharma Maha Cakra, I spoke on this topic – Yatamána. Now the question is :

Does this Yatamána refer to only psychic effort or physical effort, or on effort which proceeds from some stratum higher than the psychic one?

When man performs some actions knowingly, there is certainly the approval of mind behind that action. But the approval of mind does not necessarily mean that there is also that approval of A’tman or unit consciousness. If one’s mind received some inspiration, some impetus from a certain philosophy and engages in actions that do not imply the approval of A’tman.

There are a number of schools of philosophy which tend to make the human beings crude minded – make them cruel and insensate. They misguide the people to believe – “ you alone are the favourite children of God, others are cursed”. These defective notions, may have the sanction of philosophy but not the approval of A’tman.

Whether Parama Purusa approves of any idea or not can be ascertain in only one way. What’t that way? When one’s mind dedicates itself to promote the well being of each and every human being of this universe without making any discrimination – that is, when one’s efforts are solely and whole-heartedly towards the supreme well being of the entire universe, only that sort of action derives the sanction of spirituality, the express approval of Parama Purusa and when one’s mind being goaded by this sort of benevolent outlook, is moved to action and the physical body also works accordingly, that is the proper spirit of Yatama’na. Other types of psycho-physical actions can not be accepted as Yatama’na in its truest sense.

Sometimes it also happens that the body is working but the mind’s approval is not there. For instance, when a person is forced to work in fear of a dacoit or a very cruel man, he does that not willingly but in fear.

Many times, it so happens that a man’s actions are not voluntary or spontaneous but forced ones or done under compulsion. As for instance, there was the system of slaves in the past. The slaves used to labour very hard, but they would do that only to satisfy to please their commanding masters, their tyrannical lords. This sort of actions – they are actions no doubt – pertains only to the physical world!

It does not receive any support of mind and as such, no support of A’tman or Parama Purusa.

So those types of actions do not contribute to the well being of the slaves. So these actions do not come within the scope of Yatamana. Hence, in a truly spiritual society no one should remain a slave, nor any such system can be thought of.

You may argue that in theory, in the present day world there is no such slave system. Apparently, you may say so and it is true in theory there is no slave.

But some people – better to call them intellectual satans by force of their wealth, are spreading their defective and harmful philosophies among mankind and misguiding them, doing them inclinable harm.

The simple credulous masses tend to become victims of these defective philosophies. In a way, they are as good as slaves. They tend to lose their independent intellect, when faced with free analytical judgement, they react dogmatically. “We won’t listen, we won’t listen.”

What else these people are, if not slaves, in intellectual sphere?

Surely, they are no better then slaves, of course, in intellectual sphere and as such they act live slaves in the material world as well. So their actions can not be considered as Yatamana, because, because they do not conform to the fundamental spirit of Yatamana – the first step towards human progress.

Now the question is – how to proceed, how to advance along the path of Yatamana?

The first thing required is to learn the proper philosophy from proper authorities.

And what is the criteria of a proper philosophy?

The true test of a philosophy is its synthetic outlook, universalistic character. When man looks upon everything from an integral view point and proceeds accordingly to discharge his mundane duties with the sole intention of promoting universal well being, that is the proper spirit of Yatamana and only that type of philosophy is the proper philosophy – the only philosophy worth accepting.

Other schools of philosophy, tend to the psychic faculties of human beings.

They remain human in forms only, but in fact degraded to animals.

Animals fight against others, only while gathering food but these degraded humans do not hesitate to apply brute forces against innocent people to humiliate them or to destroy them even though there is no need for doing that.

So the people of to-day should very well understand this fact and because of these intellectual satans and blook-sucking exploiters, the human beings of to-day will have advance by fighting on these two fronts.

On one side their enemies, the blood-suckers, who have been relentlessly exploiting in the socio-economic sphere, on the other side, the intellectual satans are, not only  exploiting them but also degrading them to the level of animality. I would appeal to the present people to continue a ceaseless fight on these two fronts.

One should remember that on both these fronts these enemies of humanity extend their intellectual support. That is, they are goaded by reason, but my mere dogmas, for they are well aware of the fact that once the people, are roused against dogmas, they will no longer be able to perpetuate their exploitation on them in the socio-economic, intellectuo-social and spirituo-intellectuo-social field. The giants of exploitation will be forced to vanish in no time.