12 December 1979, Calcutta, INDIA

{Earlier before 12 December, 1979, PRECEPTOR SHRII P.R.SARKAR had visited the Central Office of the Women’s Welfare Department of Ananda Marga in South End Park, Calcutta. Beloved PRECEPTOR SHRII P.R.SARKAR had written in the visitor’s book the following. “You as the most dignified section of human society, do something for the universal human beings.”}

When I visited the WWD office, what did I say, what did I write?

Please read it out.

[Someone reads:] “You as the most dignified section of human society, do something for the universal human beings.”

Why dignified?

Everything should be properly explained and amplified.

All human beings are minute projections of that same reflection on different plates, on different mirrors.

And what are those mirrors?

Unit mind.

There are so many unit minds, and that reflected Supreme Being is the Jiivátmá.

The unit mind is that mirror, and the reflected Parama Puruśa in the unit being is the Jiivátmá, the units Átmá, the unit consciousness.

So in that respect all are dignified and all are sanctified beings.

But you know, this sanctification or dignification is in the spiritual stratum; and so where this mundane stratum is concerned, dignity depends on sanctification [and service], and sanctity depends on something else.

When people come in contact with a particular human being, whose life has been elevated because of his movement towards the Supreme, then others looks upon him as a sanctified being.

As what?

A sanctified being.

And when, from that sanctified entity, or from that sanctified being, they get selfless service, then that sanctified being not only remains sanctified but becomes dignified too.

I addressed you little girls as the dignified section of human society, and I know I am cent per cent right in feeling so.

And I expect these little dignified beings, dignified section of human society, will be – should be – more and more, and still more, dignified by dint of their work, their rendering of more and more selfless service to suffering humanity.

This is what I want. That’s why I wrote that.

Before leaving Beloved Bábá said, “I hope my little girls are satisfied”