Cremation of Acarya Ajitananda Avadhuta on 24 January, 1988

Cremationof Acarya Ajitananda Avadhuta was done in the cremation ground at the bank of river Mahananda near the bridge at Siliguri on 24-1-1988 at the time of sunset.

500-600 people participated in the cremation. After Bhanjan and kiirtan, there was Dharma Cakra and then the cremation started. Ac Ajitananda Avt, Princpal Ananda Marga School, Siliguri was arrested on 17th of January 1988 in a false case and taken in Police remand.

Since then, he was allegedly subjected to continuous brutal torture to give an extorted confession.

On hearing of the “brutal torture”, the AM moved to Calcutta High Court on January 21.

The petition was to have come up on January 25 but mean while Ac Ajitananda ji died on 24 January in the police custody.

The AM has accused the West Bengal Police of murdering Acarya Ajitananda Avadhuta who died in Police custody at Siliguri on January 24.

The organization in a memorandum submitted to governor S.Nurul Hasan has said it is convinced that the Avadhuta was innocent and that the police had killed him in cold blood and in a pre-planned manner.

Hundreds of AM demonstraton on February 1, ’88 at Esplanade Eastresubmitting the memorandum to the Government describing the death of the Avadhuta as “ghastly and mysterious”.

They accused the C.P.I.(M) of continuing its vendetta against their organization. The Avadhuta was young, healthy and dedicated monk.