The childhood nickname of  Baba was Bablu. His elder sister lives in a village of Burdwan district in Bengal, a few hours drive by car from Calcutta. She is older to Baba.
Long ago she expressed a desire to see Baba and so she frequently wished and asked Baba, to arrange so that she could either go and meet Him or He would come and meet her. At that time Baba used to stay in Patna.
Many ups and downs occurred after His  ’Didi’ (elder sister) informed Him of her desire, long time passed, during which Baba was imprisoned for seven years. Baba’s mother had passed away. Most of all, His ‘Didi’ who had the desire to see “Bablu” lost her eyesight.
Then Baba came out of  prison in 1978 and finally Baba moved to Calcutta and a house was built in Lake gardens. His ‘Didi’ had already become totally blind by then.
One  day   in  1979,   the Baba told  Acarya Svarupananda Avadhuta, (principal     of    A. M.      Degree     College),-”Svarupananda,   my   Didi   once  wanted   to   see me; go   and   bring  her.  I want  to see   her.”
Baba was then in His Calcutta residence. Acarya Svarupananda Avadhuta took a car and went to the interior village in Burdwan to bring her. When he arrived he told her that Baba had sent him to bring her to Calcutta by car. His ‘Didi’ was very glad. She asked, “Who has sent you? My  Bablu? Very good, so   nice of Him. I wish Him to be happy and   all   the   b e s t,    but    I   don’t   need   to go any
more. Just tell my Bablu, I am so happy that He remembered my desire; I feel so glad about it. About eight or nine years ago I had told Him this and He still remembers. How is He?”
“Baba is now in normal health” Svarupananda said. “But mother, you please come with me. He told me to bring you with me, how can I return alone? You please come, you won’t be   disappointed.”

Didi would not agree but Svarupananda would not return without her. Finally Svarupananda convinced her to go with him to Calcutta.
When they arrived at the Lake garden house, Baba was out. Didi was accommodated to stay in a room near Baba’s room. Baba returned at noon and entered Didi’s room. She was sitting on her bed. Hearing His call, “Didi, you have come!” She got up from the bed, extending her arms toward the sound, to touch her Bablu. As Baba came near her, she took hold of His shoulders, then slowly His arms and finally she took His hand in her hands and started pressing it with affection … and amazingly she found she was seeing Him. She was astonished. She said, “Bablu, I can see you! How nice! You look so good, so young; I can’t believe you are sixty years old. You look so healthy.”
Baba spoke of various things and told her to rest and He went Himself for noon Sadhana and to attend His duties. When Baba was gone she couldn’t see anymore. She wondered!
In the afternoon Baba came to her room as before. She again touched His shoulders, then arms and finally took His one hand in her palms, and with elderly affection she patted His hand and again she could see Him! They talked for sometime, then Baba had to go out and as He went, she could not see anymore! She then called to Svarupananda and told him, “Svarupananda, our Bablu has some magic in His hand! Whenever I press His hand I can see Him and everything else too!
Svarupananda said, “Mother, I told you that you won’t be disappointed.”
“Right,”   she   replied.      “You   are   right.”
The   next day she went herself to Baba’s room with help and as before she found His hand and could see Him. Thereafter, whenever Baba was home, she would go to His room and try to get His hand in hers. Baba would now play tricks; he started keeping His hands at His back so that she couldn’t find them. But she would manage and grab His hand in hers and right away she could see His glorious face and everything else around her!
After staying for two days, Svarupananda brought her back to her house. Her desire was fulfilled.