(Treasures of the Ma’rga)

Your Treasures:

Sublime Philosophy, Universal Love, and intensely keen unity among yourselves.

Your Flag :

A triangular flag of saffron color bearing the mark of white ‘Svastika’.

Your Distinctive Symbol :

A traingle with its vertex above superimposed on a triangle with its vertex below, containing the rising sun, within which stands the Svastika. These are respectively the symbols of energy, knowledge, advancement and permanent victory.

You shall protect in all respects and at all costs the dignity of your treasures : the flag, the symbol, and the Pratikrti (picture of Ma’rga Guru).

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SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI spoke this below words on 12 May 1979, Fiesch, SWITZERLAND

You know in Dharma Maha Cakra, I said that, nothing is Non-Causal, everything is Causal,

everything is incident, nothing is accident, who said it is an accident, when, where – when the cause is not known to you, just to suppress our ignorance, we say it is an accident, nothing is accident, there is some cause beyond it.

Now you little boys and you little girls, you have assembled here, is it Non-Causal; certainly there is cause beyond it.

Why have you come here?

Certainly you/we got a relationship and that relationship is an eternal one; you know that in past also, we came like this, in the holy past, again we have come; it may be that in distant future after million and millions of years ago, we may again come – may be in this planet, may be in some other planet, this relationship is Eternal.

I hope, the mission of humanity, the great task of humanity, this humanitarian vision is to be shouldered by all spiritual aspirants, by all the lovers of the Great.