Beloved Baba gave this Discourse on the auspicious occasion of Victory Day,

Vijaya Dashamii 29 September, 1990.

General Darshan gathering was organised in the Jagrti hall.

On every Sundays, Baba used to give His Discourses in the Baba’s Quarter, Madhu Koraka, Tiljala, INDIA.

But when the gathering was more than 1000 persons, then Baba used to give His discourses on the ground floor of the Jagrti.

Beloved BABA gave a Discourse on the subject of Victory Day. The Part of the Discourse is cited below.

 ”You have to build up society by your collective efforts. You know when the weaver weaves the clothes then rats and termites engage in trying to cut it. Then the weaver has to protect the clothes from rats and termites.

In the same way when you are building anything then without any delay various types of “termites” and “rats” will try to destroy that. You must be careful. Above all those who have a pious motive to build up something, they ultimately get victory. But “rats” and “termites” do not have a pure motive so ultimately getting destroyed is their fate.

Just they leave some dirty, ugly mark in the pages of history.”
“By seeing those ugly, black marks, in future people think ‘oh, it seems
this was attacked by termites and rats.

Oh it appears that the termites and rats which came to attack and destroy this, but instead those rats and termites broke their teeth and got annihilated’.
“It is the universal law. So as you build up good things, be vigilant to
keep sharp eyes all around. Be sure to protect your work from “rats” and
“termites”. “…………

“In the past females were preparing mango jelly in summer. And to shoe
away the crows & to protect the mango jelly, one boy from the house was
always standing guard with large stick in his hand and sharp eyes watching
for those crows.

Same way you should always be alert & vigilant to save your work from termites and rats. Then work will be done…”
“Today again you take oath to build up the earth by your own individual
and collective efforts. We have come here to beautify this earth. We will
make it so and we will go on doing this our whole life. This will be our
main collective vow.”