The subject of today’s discourse is “ Mind flows in Magnitude”.
Amongst different faculties of this Globe, faculties in Physico-psycho-spiritual realms, mental faculties are of maximum importance.
These faculties may be categorized into four main Groups or Offshoots.

We have to do it in near future, the problem is a peculiar one but this problem should be solved by us, it must be solved by us because this problem creates so many troubles, and so many divisions in Human society — this problem created so many Sanguinary battles and so many warfields.

This problem disturbed the Peace of the entire Universe.

So we will have to solve this problem and we must solve this problem and we must create a NEW WORLD in all the three emanations of life — Physical, Psychic and Spiritual.

And I hope you boys and you girls, you will do something concrete in this respect by your collective effort.

You are not insignificant beings; you are the Glorified expression of the Supreme Lord.

So you will have do it and you will have do it immediately.

The problem brooks no delay.