Spiritual practice means a practice for expansion, and this expansion is nothing but liberation from the bondage of all sorts of dullness. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion, he who aspires for spiritual expansion or does something concrete, is a Tantrika.
Tantra in itself is neither a religion nor an “ism”.

Tantra is a fundamental spiritual science. So, wherever there is any spiritual practice, it should be taken as granted that it stands on the Tantrika cult.

Where there is no spiritual practice, where they pray to God for the fulfillment of narrow worldly interests, where their only slogan is “Give us this and give us that”, only there we find that Tantra is being discouraged.

So, only those who do not understand Tantra, or even after understanding Tantra do not want to do any spiritual practice, oppose the cult of Tantra.
The factors behind their repulsion from Sadhana are two in number.

The first one what is known as the psychology of spiritual inertness and

the second one is a sort of phobia. This phobia is the main discouraging factor.

Whatever you see, whatever you do, whatever you perceive or conceive in this world, both in the world of inferences and also in the arena of quinquelementality, everything cometh from the Nucleus; everything cometh from the Parama Puruśa.
But some of them, some of those physical entities and also some of those inferential values we receive through certain media and some of them we receive directly what we receive through some media, they are known as “Prápta Vastu” and what we receive directly from the Nucleus of the universe, what we receive from the Parama Puruśa is called “ÁPTA VASTU”.
Now in this realm of spirituality, whatever we receive, we receive directly from HIM, and not through any media, and that is why the secrets of Spirituality is known as “ÁPTA VÁKYAM” and not “Prápta vákyam”.
Prápta Vákyas come through different media, through different physical media, and that is why they may vary, they may undergo metamorphosis and due to their going through metamorphosis, they may come within the scope of relativity, they may undergo distortion that is why this Prápta Vákyam or Prápta Vastus are not infinite and these Prapta Vastus or Prapta Vakyam cannot be – must not be the desiderata of human beings.
The only thing that you want – that an aspirant wants from HIM is the ÁPTA VÁKYA.

This ÁPTA VÁKYA is Guru Vákya and this Guru Vákya is MANTRAMÚLAḾ. It is the rudimental faculty behind all Mantras.