Date Unknown – Ananda Sambodhi Dec, 1978 – Jan, 1979

Question: If God is impersonal is it possible for Him to be satisfied or dissatisfied with an individual? And if so, is it logical?

Answer: As He continues His thought flow in a particular vibration or as per natural law, so those who follow this natural law, or as per that natural flow, sincerely want to merge more quickly in Paramapuruśa, naturally because of the nearness of Purusa Bhava, for them there is greater and greater reflection of Consciousness. If it is called His satisfaction or Grace, it can be said to be so. Here it is proper to bear in mind that He goes on throwing His light equally on every creature. Those whose mind stuff is pure are able to experience the reflection more, and to that extent they are able to feel the experience of His Grace. That is; everybody He goes on Gracing equally. Those who do not understand Him or who do not look at Him, consider Him to be partial, to be cruel : “He has graced all, only me He has not”. “Only I have been thrown into the darkness of unattainment and the crudeness of experience” (they say). 

Question: What is the psychological defect of Materialism?

Answer: The characteristic of mind is to run after Vpati (pervasiveness: ie., Greatness) and this Vypati is established by making a particular idea as the target. The idea concerning materialism is limited, hence, making materialism as the central idea when one wants to do the sadhana of vyapti, will give only disappointment finally. One cannot get bliss because the objects of the world, the objects of enjoyment etc., cannot be taken with infinite idea with absolute satisfaction nor can be enjoyed that way. Not only this, while moving towards materialism for the satisfaction of the infinite longing one will see more clash after some distance because during this time for accumulating more riches and material objects, one will be depriving others of the necessary physical wealth and objects for the preservation of their existence.

When there is no other idea except materialism, there, to keep the person away from this all-consuming hunger, there is always the need of mental suppression. The human being cannot tolerate any kind of pressure on the mind; therefore the person does not want that. Finding the repressors or suppressors at any moment incautious, they take to the path of revolution or counter revolution. Therefore in the society or nation believing in materialism, people look at one another with suspicion or pass the time by depending on spies. In the absence of spirituality there is no solidarity in morality. Whatever morality is seen in the material society or nation, that is nothing but an unholy alliance for the preservation of the mutual selfishness. In the absence of spiritual ideology pure morality based upon universal love cannot rise in the society because the existence of the creator of all the creatures is denied. There , the universal humanity or the Human Brotherhood cannot be established.

Only the spiritual Ideology and Spiritual Practice can take a person to the path of Kalyana (all round welfare). Universal, Unity, Cosmic Ideation or Cosmic Bliss is not limited like the fundamental factors. Therefore moving ahead and getting perfection. If (Cosmic Bliss) does not tell upon the existence of others or their basic necessities.

Human beings, therefore, will have to be inspired to move on the spiritual path, otherwise their permanent good cannot be done. As long as they do not accept that Ideology heart and soul, proper education, together with some social or external pressure will have to be given to curb the greed for appropriating the things of others. But it will have to be borne in mind that this pressure alone is not everything, and when the Ideology is accepted there will be no need of pressure. Those who believe in spiritual ideology but have no faith in pressure or in violence, for them it is impossible to succeed because there are a good many people in the society who do not want to hear sweet gospels. For them social and external pressure will have to be given. Otherwise to sit quietly in the hope that their good sense will arise will not give the solution of any problem at any time. Like materialism, spirituality based on this sort of non-violence will also not do the job for the human beings although their words are very saintly and sweet to hear, but in reality their value is not even of one farthering.

Question: Why is there no other path for the protection of the existence of human beings and their civilization except Ánanda Marga?

Answer: A group of people united make civilization. Their united efforts for their protection maintain their survival. But society is a dynamic entity, and in this light the effort for its protection is nothing other than its dynamicity. The march of those people is meaningful where there is a particular Ideology, a particular path, and the group of people share in the pain and pleasure of each other and giving a clarion call to all, move ahead. Such people become conquerors of death.

In this fast changing world of spacio-tempero-personal anomalies, not even a single economic or political or religious theory can be the permanent target of anyone, because they are born in a particular spacio-tempero-personal atmosphere, and they also die therein. Only the spiritual entity which is beyond time, space and person can be taken as the target of life and by marching on to the vibration of the same and by guiding the extroversial activities properly, people can get the highest good all the time. Ananda Marga is the path of that very highest goal and therefore the protection of the civilization of human beings, there is no other path except Ánanda Marga.

The group of religious Philosophers with the tinge of extroversion, which can better be called “religion” than “Dharma”, go on changing with the changes of time, space and person. Because of the presence of Svajatiiya, Vijattiya and Svagata differences (ie.,their internal differences, their difference between themselves and from other philosophies or entities) and 10 to 20 other relative theories, religion has also invited the “akalyana” for the human society by creating many injustices, bloodshed and brutality. Therefore religion cannot provide peace to human beings.